GameReacter (Sweden) Killzone 2 Review

After four years and four months of eager anticipation continue the war against Helgestad Hast. Editorial meste action maniac has spent over two months along with Guerrilla hot long-awaited epic, and says now exactly what he thinks ...

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Huh3552d ago

i feel like dancing!

jwatt3551d ago

Since the reivews Kilzone 2 has jumped from the high 30's to number 2 on amazon's top 100.

wotta3552d ago

Last year was a bit over the top, back to normality me thinks and a highly deserved score too. It aint perfect but no game is, including the games that were plastered with 10's last year.

Huh3552d ago

shane kim how is your morning

user94220773552d ago

Click Agree if you think Killzone 2 for PS3 deserves a 10/10

trancefreak3551d ago

This game deserves all the praise it can get its out of this world literally. i really feel that there isnt a scoring system high enough for games of this caliber killzone 2, metal gear 4, lbp. SO much creation and effort go in those mentioned games that others just cant compete with.

duplissi3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

uh im sorry but have you played it? so how can you or any uninformed person make a judgement?

yeah sure the critics like it, but they also liked halo 3, and i didnt. so you will get a disagree from me for now, but after ive played it then i can tell you if it deserves a ten

Oztheboss3552d ago

It's "Game REACTOR", by the way.

trancefreak3551d ago

It's funny how someone disagreed with you while stating a fact haaha

ar3551d ago

If we are going to be that picky it's Gamereactor.

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The story is too old to be commented.