Hypothetically: What if Sony & Microsoft traded exclusives I.E. God of War/Halo?

1. Do you think the success of these games would have been just as big?
2. Do you think Sony would have squeezed the life out of the Halo series?
3. Do you think Microsoft would squeeze the life of God of War?

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meepmoopmeep3576d ago

trade a god for an angel?


Trollimite3576d ago

never trade down.

god of war is better than halo

Huh3576d ago

there is a power rangers ps2 game so we have played halo already this is just the truth

beast3576d ago

Kratos RTS coming soon...

ifhd3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

lOVE THE warZone
If Sony & Microsoft traded exclusives I.E. God of War/Halo xbox fanboys will hate Halo and sony fanboys will hate God of War.Fanboys dont care about the games they care about the the console.
I HATE God of War/Halo

creeping judas3576d ago

you never check it's teeth.

So yeah of course Sony would have milked Halo, and MS would have milked God of War like utter bad!!!!

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