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Eurogamer: "It's easy to be blinded by the sideshow with Killzone 2. Any platform exclusive is going to attract the wrong sort of attention in the current console climate, and when the game in question is the sequel to a poorly received last-gen title, the stakes are raised even higher. Sitting down to evaluate it, you can feel the clutter hovering over your shoulder. Texture maps are scrutinised for the slightest flaw, frame rates obsessed over, AI team-mates subjected to Mensa tests.

Fortunately, Killzone 2 makes it easy to ignore them. Let those with vested interests debate the pointless minutiae. For those pining for a muscular, aggressive military shooter, whose console has the biggest balls soon becomes a minor concern. It swiftly becomes apparent that Killzone 2 isn't going to be pushing beyond the boundaries of its genre. That could be taken as lack of ambition, but in context it feels more like creative focus - this is a game that polishes existing concepts to a compelling shine, rather than colouring outside the lines in search of new patterns."

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sonarus3549d ago

damn i was hoping for N4G meltdown with a 7/10 score:(

Common Edge don't let me down lol

Endorphin3549d ago

Considering they gave LBP 9 MGS4 8
This is pretty good.

Kleptic3549d ago

WOAH...9/10 Eurogamer?...I believe that is the highest rated PS3 game so far from them now right? LBP, which nearly everyone gave a 10 anyway...

yeah seriously...after MGS4 getting an 8...I figured a 7 if killzone 2 was lucky...

oh well...great game...can't wait...

whoelse3549d ago

Excellent score for a non-360 game on Eurogamer!

3549d ago
jammy_703549d ago

thats a good score from this site!

Rythrine3549d ago

Eurogamer = Killzowned confirmed.


eagle213549d ago

They gave Uncharted 9/10 too! This is WIN!

Gears got 8/10 too.

BrianC62343549d ago

"Considering they gave LBP 9 MGS4 8
This is pretty good."

Too bad they gave Halo 3 a 10 though. At least they gave Gears 2 a 9. But Fallout 3 got a 10? Eurogamer seems to give a lot of great games a 9. I just can't figure out Halo 3 and Fallout 3 though. Are they really better than all those games that got a 9? Fallout 3 was full of bugs.

meepmoopmeep3549d ago

Eurogamer are patriotic

it'd get a lower score if it were a JPN or US developer


Sarcasm3549d ago

Edge won't let us down. 7/10 or 8/10 I expect from them.

trancefreak3549d ago

@ Sonarus ROFL that was funny.

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NickIni3549d ago

Good score, good detailed review too, unlike some.

Huh3549d ago

well eurogamer are not like gamedaily where there lunch money is from Microsoft so that is why eurogamers review is honest

theEnemy3549d ago

Is that a sarcasm ?

For all we know Eurogamer is getting some M$ checks monthly.

But a 9/10 from them is good enough I guess.

ballsofsteel3549d ago

another great review for KZ2 hope the others are just as good

DarthTigra 3549d ago

This pretty much erases any doubt I had for the game,even though a review really wouldn't change my mind.

snipermk03549d ago

Expected that from Eurogaymer...

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