THQ: No comment on closure rumours

Gamezine: "Unknown insider source claims THQ is to close imminently. THQ says "No Comment."

Website N-Europe is reporting that their insider source has confirmed that THQ is closing down.

The publishing giant had a tough time last year, with delays, project cancellations and studio losses. They announced a loss of $115.3 million in 2008's Q2, leading them to lay off 250 employees as part of a "strategic plan and business realignment," as reported by Kotaku.

N-Europe claims that THQ was unable to recover from these difficulties and has had to close down all of its studios, but we're not so sure."


[UPDATE] - THQ contacted to debunk their story. The company is not closing down. The website's update reads:

"THQ have contacted N-Europe and debunked the story. We apologise for raising a panic; we had good reason to trust our source on this matter, but it looks like some wires were crossed along the way. Watch this space for an official statement."

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