Killzone 2: The best thing to happen to the Xbox 360

LazyGamer writes: "Last night, I popped into to see what the Killzone 2 reviews were saying and was not surprised at all to see that the scores were hitting the ceiling (although the fact that of the first 5 reviews, 3 were from official Playstation Magazines).

The game is scoring a 98% metacritic score at the time of writing, with three of the five review scores being 100%. Could the huge scores just be down to hype, once again. Will most of them look back and wonder if it actually deserved that much? To be honest, I don't think that at all, I think the game is scoring so highly because from what I have seen of it, it's visuals are astonishingly good looking and the gameplay looks like a riot."

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PS3ROCKS3553d ago

then came COD4 and it was Halo what?

Magic_The_Celt3553d ago

LMFAO jack just got owned so hard he doesnt even know what just happened, oh bubbles for that PS3ROCKS

CliffyBee3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Trying to convince the xbots that Killzone 2 is a system seller is like trying to drink the ocean with a teaspoon.

But its ok, the GAMERS know that this game is going to be the best shooter ever invented, and will make Halo 3, and dare I say it COD4, look like a babies game.

Capt CHAOS3552d ago

You obviously have no idea.

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Huh3553d ago

ok we know killzone 2 is like jesus riding a dinosaur its so cool there is no need to rub it into the faces of xbox 360 owners

TheHater3553d ago

Jesus riding a Dinosaur you say?

himdeel3553d ago

...that was hilarious...I spit out my drink onto my keyboard :)

GWAVE3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

With a chronic lack of 1st-party and 2nd-party devs, can Microsoft even ATTEMPT to match Killzone 2? KZ2 was built to show off the PS3. The 360's flagship graphical titles -- Gears and Gears 2 -- were built to show off the power of the Unreal Engine, but not necessarily the 360. Microsoft's best 1st-party devs either:

a) Make one game every six years (in the case of Lionhead)
b) Churn out casual friendly games (in the case of RARE)

I'll repeat the question: can Microsoft even ATTEMPT to match Killzone 2? Where's their flagship developer? Microsoft can't continue to pass the grunt work on to 3rd-party devs. KZ2 is yet another title that proves 1st-party support is what pushes a console's hardware.

militant073553d ago

Huh = Cliffy B = Nathan Drake

Guitarded3553d ago

Sony needed to make a Killzone 2 to show the consoles value because of their price point. Not enough people were seeing enough difference in the games to justify the price. Microsoft is moving consoles on a low price point and large library of great games. Few people care that three of four exclusive titles look marginally better than 360 exclusives. Especially when most multiplatform titles look and play better on 360. The ones that aren't better on 360, are the same on both or slightly better on PS3. Just like last generation when the Xbox showed it's power over PS2, even on multiplatform titles, from day one, a majority of people don't care.

Enterprise-E3553d ago

That made me forget what this thing was about. LOL!!!!

jammy_703553d ago

thats by far the most stupid title i have ever read

answer = no .....

iHEARTboobs3553d ago

"Few people care that three of four exclusive titles look marginally better than 360 exclusives. Especially when most multiplatform titles look and play better on 360."

I'll have to disagree. I think a lot of people care that PS3 exclusives look better than 360 exclusives. When video comparisons of multiplat titles come out, they're typically the hottest thread of the day. Even if the differnece between the two are miniscule! So apparently, a lot of people do care.

u got owned3553d ago


"I'll have to disagree. I think a lot of people care that PS3 exclusives look better than 360 exclusives. When video comparisons..."

The hardcore gamers (N4G users) does but i think the casual gamer just don't care, Wii comes to mind.

yamamoto1143553d ago

Halo 3 was never about the graphics. We all know this, yet continue to blithely bash it for that very reason.

The developers had a focus and a drive to produce a unique art style, one that paid homage to Halo 1, that wasn't Gritty Shooter #4. Comparing a game like Killzone 2 to Halo 3 is like comparing apples to oranges.

Giriath3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Did I hear a call for Raptor Jesus?

@Yamamoto114: The same could be said about Killzone 2, because it delivers just as good or imo even better gameplay than that of Halo 3's, both in campaign and multiplayer. And just because they differ in art style, it doesn't mean they can't have similar technical features.

Killzone 2 features dynamic shadowing, a whole lot of true light sources, great geometry, superb animation, particle effects, wind, fire smoke and it's all so much better than Halo 3's, in fact Halo 3 doesn't even have many of the graphical features present in Killzone 2. And I haven't even mentioned texture detail and the fact that Halo 3 runs at a lower resolution than 720p.

cmrbe3553d ago

good point but the game selection will always favour the PS3 though because they have more internal devs doing exclusives. 3rd parties are all going multi-plat even those that produced only for xbox and x360 in the past like Temco. However 3rd parties going all multi will definately favour MS more than Sony i give that.

Game collection is tricky. Its not so much about who has the most games which i believe Sony will have btw but it mostly about the variety of the game selection that really matters. This is where MS is also is coming short at. As an example. A game selection of 1 racing game plus 1 shooter is better than a game selection of 2 racing games.

The advantage is always with Sony as not only they have more devs but they also have the most varied collection of franchise from past gen they will eventually bring to the PS3. Most of the past xbox franchise have already made their jump to the x360 in think.

True that the masses/mainstream will not care much about games looking better on the PS3 but in the same time casuals don't care about extra DLC or slightly better graphics for multi-plats on the x360 which is becoming rare nowdays.

AAACE53553d ago

That sounds like a noble comment, but Killzone 2 hasn't even come out yet and you are calling it a console mover! Keep in mind that our economy and other countries economies are in bad condition. More layoffs and job losses mean less people with money to buy stuff. People are going to be really picky about how they spend their money.

The good thing is, KZ 2 is coming out while people are getting their tax returns, so it could turn out really well.

All I am saying is, look at the BIG picture before you make claims based on personal opinion.

I want a Ps3 and Killzone 2! I could pick one up right now, but with things going the way they are... I am in a wait and see mode. And I think alot of other people might go with that approach as well.

If you're a kid and live with your parents, that $400+ won't mean much to you. But if you have a family, you can't help but think about saving that money to pay bills and buy food.

But I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Bubble Buddy3553d ago

The funny thing is Halo 3 got some better marks for graphics than Killzone 2 o_0.

morganfell3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Yes there is a need to rub it in. Every time a PlayStation fan warned 360 fans over the past 2 years that eventually the PS3 would raise the bar and lower the boom, what happened? PS3 fans were mocked.

It has been one undeserved attack after another. This past holiday season has seen an unprecedented and undeserved number of media releases that were just pure crap, all trying to pile on the PS3 and kick it to death. Well karma is one mean and unforgiving beast. Or, as is more commonly known, what goes around comes around.

Killzone 2 is the tip of the spear and we all know what comes after the tip...the shaft.

@Bubble Buddy, such marks for graphics obviously mean nothing. For example, IGN gave GTA IV a 10 in graphics and that is absolutely absurd. There are some things in GTA IV that warranted a high score but the graphics was not one of them.

Okay, the reviewer was a GTA fanboy and would have given monkey crap on a canvas a 10 if the monkey was born in the Liberty City Zoo. IGN stated they gave 10s not because something was perfect but because it broke ground and set itself above other games (or something to that effect). Can people honestly say that Killzone 2 doesn't qualify in that regard? Of course it does but obviously IGN has no standard they can follow for more than a week.

ThanatosDMC3553d ago

"Sony has put the ball back in Microsoft’s court by returning an absolute cannonball."

Also, did you see those comparison shots? "Looks last gen doesnt it?"

Saint Sony3552d ago

Gaming business is pure competition. PS3 did rise the bar and rest has to follow or at least try to follow.

Microsoft surely will try to beat Killzone2 with some other game, it may not be possible to reach the quality of Killzone 2 (what comes to graphics) but I'm sure MS will pay some devs to make it happen.

Attention to detail in Killzone2 is just incredible. 360 has yet to show a game with as good visuals (texture/detail wise).

This is good and very good for 360. Competition makes great games. MS has got far too easy path in front of them. Now it's time to start the true gaming battle. Bring out the GAMES!

Nextgen games with 360 and PS3 has been following the exact same development path that we have been experienced with for example Amiga and C64 times. Last games for C64 were mind blowing compared to first ones produced. Devs will learn how to leech every damn possible resource out from the machines and will do miracles.

Killzone2 is indeed a cannonball towards MS. Interesting to see what MS does. Only now nextgen gaming is getting really interesting, finally.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3553d ago

coulnt agree more. Killzone 2 will be amazing.

Though as much as i hate doing this. I dont own a 360 but sometimes i always find myself defending halo 3 from the bashers. Sure the single player suck and the review scores were a little overrated, but there is no denying its an amazing multiplayer experience. It is the only game i know of that offers 4 way split screen online multiplayer and the online community support from bungie is unparalleled. I think of Resistance 2 as a "raw" halo. Resistance 2 has better graphics and gameplay, but the online community as it is improving still lacks. Well thats my two sense, btw i dont think halo is the best fps game i still would play cod4 and R2 over it any day.

Kleptic3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

I agree...halo 3 multiplayer is alright...its the story that is overrated...and at least EVERYONE accepts that the visuals where kind of pathetic given it was supposed to single handedly end the life of the PS3 in 2007...or so we were told...

but the multiplayer is fun and addictive...and has its own style out side of 'realistic' shooter likes CoD...I would never say its more fun or better than Cod 4...which I don't think it is...but it also far from sucks...

by the way though...Warhawk allows 4 players online at once too...with dynamic joins (anyone can join and leave at any time on your machine, and the game keeps going)...just wanted to point that out...

AAACE53553d ago

I am not defending Halo 3! But I have to point out the truth.

Halo 3 is not overrated! It was reviewed by people who liked games like Halo. Me personally, Halo games were just something to play!

If I reviewed Halo 3, I would give it a 7.5! My sons would give it a 10. But that's just me, I don't really like games like that. I'm more of a CoD and R6 player.

Every game isn't for everybody! I like some games that other people can't stand, like Test Drive Unlimited, DOA Extreme 2, EDF. Those games weren't embraced by the masses, but they are good to me and that's all that matters in the end.

Point is, don't like games based on rave reviews. I have bought alot of games in the past that got great reviews, but I would play them for a little while and can't stand them.

Buy the games you like cause you like them, not because everyone said you should!

IcarusOne3553d ago

The beauty of Halo 3 is how it plays, not how it looks. It was good enough at the time, but it's absolutely dated now. But the construct, the mechanics, the satisfaction of planting that perfect grenade or berserking your way through the brutes with next to no life is immense.

All in all, a well thought-out article. I completely agree. Microsoft has been put on notice. I can't wait to see what they do next.

The_Firestarter3553d ago

This author is right on all fronts. Killzone 2 is obviously OOZING with immense QUALITY and is a guaranteed hit. Congrats to GG for making such an astounding game.

I wonder if MS (or Bungie for that matter) will be capable of creating a worthy competitor anytime soon. The ante has been raised extremely high now by Killzone 2. This is the new benchmark for FPS, I think. Any FPS after this release will be undoubtedly compared to the absolute power of Killzone 2.

Tempist3553d ago

Still managed to miss the point of his article.

The point: Reason enough that the 360 should be picking up its socks and getting better quality games out, not Guy in space suit A fighting Gent in space suit B while alien C attacks guy B.

Zeevious3553d ago

Competition improved Online Services

Competition improved Console Prices

Competition improved games like Killzone

Games like Killzone, MGS4 & Gears of War 2 & Halo before it all set standards that each developer met to exceed & set new ones.

Thank you Guerrilla Games. Thank you Epic.
Thank you Konami. Thank you Bungie.
Thank you true gamers everywhere.

Thank you all for setting new targets to aim at!

Zeevious3553d ago

Would the person who cowardly disagreed with no explanation, please STAND UP and explain why it's not?

Oh do that you'd need a spine.

Zeevious3553d ago

what version of English I used in that second line?

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360 man3553d ago

'Killzone 2 The best thing to happen to the Xbox 360'

so i wonder how they worked that out

NickIni3553d ago

So I wonder if you actually read the article.

360 man3553d ago Show
NickIni3553d ago

Real mature.

11? 12? Am I close?