New Dragon Quest IX screenshots

Square Enix shared today its latest look at Dragon Quest IX. The new screenshots provide a look at the game's previously announced "Treasure Map" feature, which is new to the series for DQIX.

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PS360WII3576d ago

Yeah gonna be awesome! Treasure maps that could lead to new areas to explore :) or well treasure lol

This game needs to come out already

meepmoopmeep3576d ago


so i guess this will be my first taste at DQ, eh?

PS360WII3576d ago

Might just be if you never picked up DQVIII like I told you to but Level 5 is making this one as well so you're still good :)

meepmoopmeep3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

i heard VIII was ridiculously hard, is it?

hrmmm.. i'll look into it.
i just have way too many games backlogged to finish.

most are JRPG's too.

1. Lost Odyssey
2. Dissidia
3. P4
4. That new PS2 game Ar-whatever
5. still have to finish FFIV on the DS
6. Blue Dragon


PS360WII3576d ago

DQVIII is like the other DQ games so that means lots of level grinding :) it's only hard if you rush the story

lol yup and the Feb releases on DS won't make it any easier. Fire Emblem, Blue Dragon Plus, Avalon Code, Ys 1&2... heck they even have DQV remake coming out then as well 0.0

... I still haven't gotten my Dissidia copy yet and I e-mailed them twice about it ><

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Briyen3575d ago

exactly 100 hours to beat DQ VIII hehehe

buh i didn't rush a course, when i saved after the last boss

i was very shocked with the time.