Overlord Wii 'blows away everything' on the console

It's become acceptable for Wii games to look less than spectacular visually, and certainly well below the bar set by Xbox 360 and PS3 games, but it seems all developers aren't cut from the same rock.

Speaking to in an interview to be published on the site later today, Overlord: Dark Legend associate producer Dean Scott confidently stated that the upcoming Wii game "blows away just about everything else" he's seen on the console. A bold claim, but he's prepared to be held up to "internet ridicule if that's not the case".

"Overlord Dark Legend looks amazing," said Scott. "When people see this game in motion, they are going to be seriously impressed. It sounds like such a lame cliché to say 'it looks like the 360 version', but that's true. Not exactly, but it's closer than we ever imagined possible on the platform.

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Pennywise3642d ago

They are saying that the wii version is very close to the 360 graphics. I believe it being the 360 is actually two Wii's taped together.

meepmoopmeep3642d ago

lmao, pennywise

anyway, i'd like to see this game for myself.

3642d ago
Pennywise3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Beware, finally for once I log on this site in a good mood not looking to rip heads off and I crack a joke. Thats what it was, a JOKE.

Sorry if I offended - everyone needs to lighten up. Everyone knows it isnt two Wii's taped together. Its actually glued!! lol - See I did it again.

I am not a kiddie man, but I kiddie man.

EDIT: "You have not wit whatsoever but you do have balls for posting something so crap."

My response:

Edit #2: I do not have alternate accounts. I have one other account I have not used in a LONG time. Just wanted to change my name. Quit being so sensitive because some people like jokes.

3642d ago
Pennywise3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Best $600+ I have spent for gaming is not buyers remorse. BrB, let me grab you a tissue.

Beware Oblivion - you are the same dude that said:
"I'll give you two words and a number; Operation Flashpoint 2

OF2 is going to bend KZ over a rock and show him who the Daddy is."

You now hold NO creditability with me. Please call when you arrive back to reality.

Mr_Bun3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Apparently Pennywise touched on a sensitive topic...I own a 360 and I was able to find humor in his comment...I was able to take it as a joke yet you felt threatened and deemed it necessary to call us "retards" not once but twice.

I am saddened not only for your overly sensitive response to a joke, but for your lack of vocabulary as well, which seems to limit you to one insult.

Voiceofreason3642d ago

You'll learn soon enough if you're a SOny fanboy who wants to trash the WIi or 360 nonstop you are more than welcome to do it.. Just do not say anything remotely negative about SOny no matter how true or you will be banned. Example. Once in an article I simply stated that between the two Sixaxis was much more a gimmick than the Wii remote and got a 7 day ban for trolling. Of course no matter what Fanboy crap that 12 year old throws out he will always be welcome in the gamer zone. Its really pathetic when Sony is doing so poorly their fans need special treatment.

3642d ago
Product3642d ago

Voice is that actually true??cause thats crazy.

Pennywise3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I know we are on the internet and everyone likes to be the big guy... but honestly, come see me I would love to stomp a mud hole in your face, BEWARE. You can act all tough typing on mommy's computer... lets see how tough you are when I make you cry.

You threaten me like it scares me in the least. You keep believing your console of choice is the best. Thats why it is in bargain bins for a low low price of $199. The technology is so cheap MS can afford that. Keep crying while I am playing KZ2.

EDIT: @ Product: Dont believe a word voiceofreason says. He is completely off the rocker. I imagine he said something offensive to someone. He acts like a jerk who is better than everyone all the time. He probably spouted off a little too much and got reported.

3642d ago
jadenkorri3642d ago

"I believe it being the 360 is actually two Wii's taped together."

That was funny, and a compliment, at least the hardware would be better...

Pennywise3642d ago

Beware, I am sure your comments are loved on N4G... Your 4 bubbles reflect that.

I dont try to sell KZ2. I dont need to sell KZ2, it will sell itself.

You can mess my name up all you want. If you think peenywise made you look cool, think again.

Bubble Buddy3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Beware: You need to calm down. You turn a joke into a war.I've been here for a while; have you been here a year or so ago, when everything was pro360 news? I remember those days.

Mini Mario3641d ago

"just that todays youth are a bunch moronic smegs"

Red Dwarf fan ey ;-) Same

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Johnny Rotten3642d ago

The header is misleading, let me copy and paste the FULL quote...

"Of course we've made some changes to get that level of fidelity on the Wii, but the guys at Climax have been very clever with it. In terms of looks, it blows away just about everything else I've seen on Wii," he concluded.

PS360WII3642d ago

Good for them. Now lets hope other devs take notice and actually work on their Wii games...

AWBrawler3642d ago

I bet had it stayed 360 exclusive, That would never have been posted.

PS360WII3642d ago

eh? You mean my post? Well it is true that most 3rd parties just throw out a game without putting forth effort. I believe Overlord still is in route for 360 and the creator wanted to make a Wii version and instead of a downgraded port they made a whole new game for the Wii.

AWBrawler3641d ago

that was supposed to be aimed at 4 who said Overlord is awful.

ZackFair3642d ago

Overlord is an awful game.

Cheeseknight283642d ago

Did you even play it? I only found a handful of problems:

1) Story collapses at the end
2) Somewhat hard to move all minions
3) No minimap

Other than that, Overlord was a great substitute since apparently I can't have Pikmin 3. It also helps that I got it for $15.

Baka-akaB3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Finally some more devs gets their hand dirty on Wii and try tapping into its potential

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