Sony Profit Plummets 95%

Sony said net profit tumbled 95% in the third quarter, as the global slump hurt sales of its core electronics products.

The Japanese electronics giant said net profit plunged to 10.4 billion yen ($115.6 million) from 200.2 billion yen a year earlier. The operating loss in the quarter was 18 billion yen, a reversal from operating profit a year earlier of 236 billion yen. Sony attributed the operating loss to factors such as the rise in the yen, and a loss in its financial services segment because of declines in the Japanese stock market.

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bomboclaat_gamer3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

wow. sony fanboys unite. donate all ur money to sony, since u love them so much. i have a bank account called the "sony profit recovery fund". PM me for further details lolol

ExcelKnight3574d ago

Since the game division reported a profit compared to nearly everyone else, guess who's in good standing at Sony right now.

Captain Tuttle3574d ago

But it shows the state of things today when a division in a company like Sony shows a $4 million profit and that's considered great news. Not too long ago $4 million was a rounding error on Sony's books.

It's a tough economy for everyone but especially Japanese export companies with the way the Yen is right now.

TheColbertinator3574d ago

@bombaclott gamer

Looks like the Sony fans are pulling your strings like a puppet since they upset you so much.

KrazyFace3574d ago

This isn't even worth rising to.

Nuff said.

BrotherNick3574d ago

No comments here, because it's anti-sony. Let's all ignore bad things about our own consoles and talk crap about others.