Sony unveils PS3 marketing push

MCV Writes: Sony is planning to make a select audience of online evangelists central to the PS3's European marketing campaign, with user-generated content a key factor in its plans.

Spong reports that platform holder Sony intends to take a rather different approach to marketing its new console, with social networking sites and 'Web 2.0' destinations like YouTube pivotal to the platform holder's approach.

According to a report in Media Guardian this morning, Sony has chosen "12 individuals and organisations - ranging from club promoters to artists, fashion industry insiders, Dazed & Confused magazine and even the BBC's 1Xtra - and given them a free hand to create original content inspired by key characteristics of the PS3."

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Huh3549d ago

cool,i will check my inbox to see if i have been selected

chewy3173549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Well hopefully the ad campaign is as successful as halo's ad campaign =0

RoyFlav3549d ago

The "Sony unveils PS3 marketing push" story from which this thread sprang - and from where comments are being spawned is from 2007 for gods' sakes.

"Neil Long Jan 29 2007, 12:30pm" - just under the headline.

The actual, up to date story came from the PRINT edition of MCV and is not online to be linked to in the first place.

The Spong story relates to the PRINT edition of MCV.


Huh3549d ago

If i have been selected my first commercial will feature a crying baby holding an xbox 360 controller and then the screen will fade to black and then you will hear a voice say "studies have proven babies cry more when an xbox 360 is in the household do you want a crying child or a happy child?play b3yond"and then a picture of kazuo hirai smiling will appear and then the ps3 logo of course

thereapersson3549d ago

Why would you give an XBOX 360 to a baby? It'll catch fire and cause serious burns! You don't want to be accused of child abuse now, do you?


Chris3993549d ago

The two of you. Bubbles for both :)

Fishy Fingers3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The Spong story has some interesting info: (alternative source)

"Sony is set to spend a massive £4 million on advertising in the first quarter of this year in the United Kingdom.
The largest chunk of that cash - £2 million - will go on Killzone 2, by far the company's biggest upcoming title."

I havent seen sod all ads yet, so I expect to see KZ2 rammed down my throat :)

resistance1003549d ago

Well it already has begun with more and more internet ad's poping up everywhere (gamespot uk and eurogamer) have both had some.

Still i hope sony spends a fair bit of that on TV ad's.

silvacrest3549d ago

i havnt seen any killzone 2 adds in the UK


doctorstrange3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

they should have lots of tv ads, they are the most influencial (after dream ads)

Arsenal4Ever3549d ago

KZ2 better be pushed on every appropiate tv channet. Sky Sports 1,2,3 Extra, News, ITV, Channel 4, CNN, and many other places. I expect them to show ALOT.

Dipso3549d ago

I think this is a bad move on Sony's part, there is enough of us fans mouthing off on the internet about the wonders of the PS3.

TV and high street advertising is where they should be spending their money. They still haven't managed to produce even one PS3 TV commercial that highlights all of the machines capabilities.

Ahmay3549d ago

not to many people know about the sixaxis motion sensing!!! And don't forget the Playstion eye... needs more games though...

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The story is too old to be commented.