THQ To Close Its Doors

An insider has revealed to N-Europe that publishing giant THQ is to close its doors.

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Smacktard3576d ago

I uh... I somewhat doubt that. Especially seeing as how a week or so ago they announced that we'd be seeing more of de Blob.

Why would they announce that if they were going under?

KeezNah3576d ago

Its entirely possible that whatever games the studios were working will be picked up by another publisher.

I too have my doubts on this report, but for different reasons :(

GrieverSoul3576d ago

Uhm... if a developer is shutting doors they should advertise their IPs even more in hope another company takes them after they announce closing doors. That would make sense.

THQ is one developer I never actully bought a game from. But its still sad to see another great name in the industry go out. (if this article is true!)

GWAVE3576d ago

It does seem unlikely, but then again, it seemed unlikely that Bungie would split from Microsoft know...they did.

It just goes to emphasize the great importance of strong 1st-party and 2nd-party support this gen. You just can't rely on 3rd parties anymore.

anh_duong3576d ago

that would be sad.. maybe what they should have done was spunked 50 billions dollar away on the subprime and CDS market and then they would have got bailed out by the US government...

their problem was they didn't lose enough money to be eligible for the TARP bailout.

Smacktard3576d ago

GrieverSoul: I think there's a difference between saying "This IP has sold very well" and "You will see more of this IP."

It's not really that big of a deal. I mean, they're not a company to be missed, really. They crap out shovelware and licensed games. They won't really be missed by any real gamers. And before responding, view this link:

They only have a few really notably good releases, namely Saint's Row, de Blob, and STALKER (which was PLAGUED with so many glitches and bugs that parts of it were unplayable, and totally underdelivered on what it promised).

I don't really care about THQ going under, as long as I get more de Blob.

Dark_Overlord3576d ago

I think you need to look at that list again, there are some amazing games on that list they have published

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farhsa20083576d ago

well thats what happens when you release inferior games for so long, im looking at you smackdown vs raw.

Vistrix3576d ago

Any reputable sources on this?

ZackFair3576d ago

All of a sudden they're shutting down?


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The story is too old to be commented.