PS3 and 360 worldwide sales Equal in 2008

Gamezine: 'Following Sony's announcement of Q3 hardware sales, we thought we'd compare the lot. It looks like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 basically sold the same amount in 2008.

Sony's PlayStation 3 sold less in the third quarter of 2008 (ie. the Oct-Dec holiday season) than in 2007, but the strength of the console's earlier sales did it proud, shipping* 10.8 million in 2008 (up from 2007's 8.85 million).

In contrast, Microsoft's Xbox 360 had a huge holiday season, shipping around 6 million consoles worldwide (a record for the Xbox), but had a weaker sales period earlier in the year: the playing field has been levelled.'

Full numbers after the link.

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PirateThom3642d ago

Am I the only person worried by the fact Aaron Greenberg gave out VGChartz numbers as official sales data?

PirateThom3642d ago

That 8 million figure. The only place I ever saw that was VGChartz.

I know there's not that big a difference between 7.1 and 8 and I'm sure it's possible he was just mistaken in his numbers but like I said, VGChartz was the only place I saw 8m or more.

techie3642d ago

Microsoft hasn't grown their lead, they've retained it. If they didn't cut the price, this picture would be very different.

PixlSheX3642d ago

Simple as that.

I also think there IS a difference between 7.1 and 8m. Is like not counting an entire month.

But im also worried about greenberg giving vgchartz numbers as official data.

Israfel3642d ago

So let's see. MS can't cut their price down a lot lower than that, because then they'd be profitless. Sony still has to do it.

PS3 price cut will change everything.

InMyOpinion3642d ago

I thought the PS3 was supposed to be way ahead of the 360 by now, like you guys predicted it would in 2006, 2007 and 2008. First you blamed the headstart, then you said "it's always been Sony's tactics" when all the interesting games were either delayed, canned or flopped. And now you are blaming price cuts. What if Sony does cut the price and Microsoft retaliates with another price cut? What excuse will you use then?

Pm me when it's 1 million behind the 360, not 7, mmkay?

SL1M DADDY3642d ago

Sony sold more consoles than MS in 2007 and sold nearly as many as the 360 in 2008. It's no shock and only the idiot fanboys thought the PS3 was doomed after listening to the bias media that claimed only NPD data rather than waiting for a final and full report from each of the console manufacturers. Let this be a lesson to all the idiots out there, don't take what the media says as gospel, especially if it even remotely comes across as one sided (i.e. - NPD data alone).

My only question to all the media is this: If the PS3 is so doomed due to lackluster sales in 2008, then what of the 360 that sold the same?

prowiew3642d ago

I think Aaron was almost spot on. He was using his numbers against sonys number which probably was an estimate because he dont work at sony. So 7.1 to 8 is not a big difference.

I predict that sony will catch up at second quarter 2010.

Bathyj3642d ago

Whose to say M$ aren't already profitless on Xbox.

No ones brought that up, but I've been thinking, if they were making money it couldn't be much. Then they drop price, that comes out of there profit. I'd be surprised if they're not losing money now, or at least breaking even again and thats why I've always thought the last cut was an act of desparation. M$ were going so bad for the first 3/4 of the year, they couldn't have been that great before the cut.

Rampant3642d ago

Sony dropped it's price in november of '07. They benefited for this the entire year until Microsoft dropped their price.

3642d ago
Giriath3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

The article was all well and following numbers until this line: "Still without a PS3 price cut, Microsoft's console will surely pull away in 2009." What do they base this on? If the Playstation 3 has done fine with its high price, wouldn't it sell even better in 2009 when its most anticipated exclusives are releasing?

Also, the Xbox 360 had such a sudden boost in sales because of the price cut. Without a price cut and its current line-up, I sure don't see its sales being pulled anywhere but down.

EDIT: @ Jenzo. Why do you constantly insist on switching between posting intelligent comments that actually contribute to the discussion and hideous fanboy comments that do nothing but generate hate? Do you have some serious mood swings, or what? It's making it damn hard to decide whether to give or take bubbles from you.

GWAVE3642d ago

@ Jenzo

Oh, so the PS3 is supposed to be ahead by now? Give me a break. 360 fanboys such as yourself were pointing fingers at Sony and laughing, saying, "Gwaahaa! 360 sells more! 360 sells more!" ignoring the fact that the PS3 is twice the price.

And NOW that the PS3 manages to sell as much as a console half the price, the best you can muster is "Well...uh...I thought you fanboys said the PS3 was going to be ahead. only managed to sell the SAME as the 360. So...there. Yeah."?


morganfell3642d ago

Regardless of everything else, here are the 3 things that people do not want to discuss:

1 - Greenberg lied.

2 - It took a fairly radical price cut in the last two months for MS to catch Sony in 2008 sales.

3 - People writing AND quoting these "Doom to the PS3 articles" were completely fooled by a mere two months of sales.

jcgamer3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

but secretly, they know what is REALLY going on...and trust me, so does Sony and Nintendo...

the "silly rabbit" is running out of tricks...

DK_Kithuni_713642d ago

What else is new?


pansenbaer3642d ago

"Microsoft director of product management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Aaron Greenberg told Edge in a phone interview that the company sold 10.3 million Xbox 360s throughout the year."

So what exactly did he lie about? If they sold 10.3 million, they sold less than Sony in 2008. In the article it says, "Source: Official company reports" but they don't give a link. Sony is easy to find but I'm having trouble finding Microsoft's.

MasFlowKiller3642d ago

Microsoft did two price cuts in 08 to sony's one, i wonder if this year will see the same

Anon19743642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I disagree. First off, I don't think anyone ever referred to all videogame consoles as "playstation". "Nintendo" yes, playstation no. I remember my friends aunts, parents, my parents...pretty much everyone would always say "You goin to play Nintendo?" regardless if it was Sega, Nintendo, Playstation.

Secondly, this was MS's chance to shine and I can't help but feel they've blown it. I give the original Xbox credit (mine was by far my favorite console) for doing so well against the PS2 and keeping ahead of the Nintendo Gamecube. This gen the 360 has been the slowest selling console and the reason rests squarely on MS's hardware missteps. This could have been avoided. They knew there were problems, but can you imagine where they'd be now if not for RROD?

I remember my genuine excitement at receiving my launch 360, at the promise of "next gen" gaming. I was blown away by Gears and thought "Now they've raised the bar!" I expected great things from my noisy white console.
A few years later, 4 360 consoles in and no game has topped Gears in the 2 years since it's been released, in my opinion. I hardly ever turn my 360 on and when I do game on it I'm constantly wondering "Is it going to die now? What about now? I've been playing for 40 minutes, maybe I should shut it down for awhile."

So no. In my view MS isn't deserving of praise for selling what they have. In my view, they're damn lucky to have sold as many as they have.

003642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

wrong it was one (one in 08 and one in 07)

EDIT: @ below I thought that was a SKU replacement, Anyway I guess I was wrong then.

pansenbaer3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

July 13, 2008[41]

* Price cut on Xbox 360 Premium (20 GB) - $299.99

August 1, 2008[41]

* Launch of Xbox 360 Premium (60 GB) - $349.99

September 5, 2008[125]

* Price Cut on Xbox 360 Elite - $399.99
* Price Cut on Xbox 360 (60 GB) - $299.99
* Price Cut on Xbox 360 (20 GB) - $249.99
* Price Cut on Xbox 360 Arcade - $199.99

Technically, that's 2 pricecuts. They brought down the price of the 20 GIG twice in less than 6 months.


Yeah its kinda hard to call it a price cut. They did it to get rid of their remaining stock of the 20 GIG.

3642d ago
rockleex3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

At first it was all doom and gloom. Now its "but Sony was supposed to DESTROY the 360!"

Get this, Microsoft pulled TWO price cuts last year just to tie with Sony.

Why do we keep bringing up price cuts for the PS3? Because its obviously more expensive than the 360... yet it still sells JUST AS MUCH as the 360.

What does that say? It tells you that the PS3 has MORE DEMAND. A product that costs more, yet sells just as much a cheaper product of the same kind, OBVIOUSLY has more demand.

If you were to lower the PS3's price down, it would obviously get more sales than the CHEAPER product because of the HIGHER demand.

Funny thing about 360 fanboys is that they never like to put things into perspective. That one year lead the 360 has doesn't register to them. That higher price point doesn't register to them.

If the PS3 is doomed(at a higher price) for tying with 360 sales(at a lower price), then what is the 360's fate? >:D

techie3642d ago

Giriath - The reason why Microsoft will pull away unless Sony cuts the price is because ever since the Xbox 360's pricecut it has been severely outselling the PS3. Hence the comparison between the PS3's fall in Q3 to 4.46m, and the Xbox 360's rise to 6m. This will continue.

The Lazy One3642d ago

One was an actual pricecut, and one was a stock clearance. They aren't the same.

@"The article was all well and following numbers until this line: "Still without a PS3 price cut, Microsoft's console will surely pull away in 2009." What do they base this on?"

economic theory.

@"Oh, so the PS3 is supposed to be ahead by now? Give me a break. 360 fanboys such as yourself were pointing fingers at Sony and laughing, saying, "Gwaahaa! 360 sells more! 360 sells more!" ignoring the fact that the PS3 is twice the price"

who cares if the PS3 is twice the price? You say that like it's not sony's fault the PS3 costs twice as much, or like sony can drop the price to whatever it wants. The PS3 costs twice as much because it has to. Sony knew the risks developing an expensive console and releasing it later than the competition, and now they have to take their lumps.

morganfell3642d ago

And the reason you are wrong is the price cuts from MS never last in their effect. People want the PS3 more. That may sting some but it is a fact. MS cuts a price, gets some buzz then shortly afterward people go back to wanting the PS3. With a mostly lackluster showing compared to the PS3 in 2009, MS had better start giving 360s away. But of course then people will just trade them in on a PS3.

Had it not been for those last two months in 2008, all you would have heard were - "Is the 360 dying?" and other such articles. Well, word of it's demise was only postponed by a few months.

Rampant3642d ago

Sony dropped it's price in november of '07. They benefited for this the entire year until Microsoft dropped their price.

Sony dropped it's price in november of '07. They benefited for this the entire year until Microsoft dropped their price.

You sony fanboys just keep ignoring this fact ey? Makes sense though, really no way you can make a counterargument.

Saigon3642d ago

the sad thing about this is that both companies still have one more quater to go before they report their yearly numbers to the based on that

I expect MS to sell 1.5 - 2.5 mil consoles during that time frame and I expect sont to sell 2.5 - 3.5 mil consoles...

speculation but it seems reasonable...

Quickstrike3642d ago

that noticed that the PSP outsold the 360 by almost 5 million in 2008?

Why dis3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Man this PS3 fan/supporter desperation is getting out of hand.

As if MSFT is the only company tracking console sales lol.

morganfell3641d ago

^^^^You are too funny. Nice sarcasm you use in pointing out the tidal wave of anti-ps3 and anti-Sony articles over the past two months. The only desperate people around are MS supporters because they have thrown the kitchen sink at the PS3 and they can't kill it. Like I said elsewhere, the only thing MS can do is start giving 360s away...which will inevitably be traded in on PS3s.

king dong3641d ago

that was quality. "people buy a 360, but really want a ps3" lol. that comment was in nasim territory, thanks for the laugh!!

mint royale3641d ago

that has got to be nasim's account!

As for sales they have both practically tied in 2007 and 2008 now. Sony needed a price cut in 07 to compete and MS needed it in 08. Its just business and if the companies needed to they cut the price again.

morganfell3641d ago


I would suggest you find a cave and hide as you know nothing about human nature, People commit whimsical actions all of the time. Wanting a PS3, but being temporarily swayed by the 360 price cut and then experiencing buyer's remorse the next time they see a PS3 exclusive or think about Bluray is nothing out of the ordinary.

morganfell3641d ago

You mean with the vast library of better games and a cheaper price the PS3 tied the 360? Sounds great but since launch the PS3 has out sold the 360. Only the last 2 months of 2008 saved the 360. It won't happen again.

And I am certainly not Nasim but I do think it is funny how 360 owners talk about him like he is the boogey man lay awake at night blaming him for everything.

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Gobuz3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

So basically Microsoft were sh*tting bricks, so they cut the price of the Xbox to salvage their sales targets for 2008, yet PS3 has still closed the gap on Xbox.

If Sony drops the price of the PS3 and with the line-up they have announced , Microsoft is in for a real battle.

Sony is coming...

VG Chartz haven't altered their figures yet even though they have the news at the top of their page, go figure...

ultimolu3642d ago

*inserts chaos is coming comment* n_n

morganfell3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Okay. Here is a comment with no if. The holiday is over. Gears of War 2 has dropped off as a driving force. The future is all about Sony.

Killzone 2 is the mean end of a very large and lethal battering ram and there isn't a damn thing MS can do about it now. The last hurrah has come and gone.

Even if Sony doesn't cut the price people are going to want the PS3. They are going to want the exclusives. Considering what is coming for the PS3 in terms of quality exclusives there isn't even a contest in 2009. Not only are 360 sales going to drop but you are going to see ever increasing numbers of Xbox 360s and 360 game collections traded in on a PS3. My local Gamestop is already laughing about it. Every one of the employees own a 360 and supports it, just not in a blind manner.

Used 360s are going to become as abundant as used copies of GTAIV.

The stimulus package has passed in the US. There are already signs in the housing industry that things are waking up. When people feel better they are more likely to foot the bill for a higher end platform. When it comes to technology the PS3 is a 50 caliber sniper system among a competing field of slingshots. See any more talk about graphical superiority? Not by anyone with a modicum of intellect.

Personally I do not believe in getting rid of a console unless every single game you liked is available on another platform either through purchase or backwards compatibility but most people do not think in the same manner.

Maybe MS can work some miracle next fall but I highly doubt it. The fact is a great many people on this board called it including myself. The last two months of the year fooled everyone especially worthless analytical MS sites like alleyinsider.

Man_of_the_year3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

The Sony "IF" train is coming again - every droid onboard...

Here is an "IF" for ya.

"IF" every MS game coming out in 09, 10, 11, are all perfect 10/10's, Sony is in for a real battle casue "IF" they don't have enough games in their library or "IF" they don't have enough AAA titles to compete then Sony is never going to get out of last place.

Can we please stop with the "IF's" and just focus on the really helps with your arguments...and don't forget - the PS3 has already dropped their prices in the last 2 years - and you had MGS4, LBP, SOCOM, Resistance 1 & 2....and its still in 3rd place.

creeping judas3642d ago

"So basically Microsoft were sh*tting bricks, so they cut the price of the Xbox to salvage their sales targets for 2008, yet PS3 has still closed the gap on Xbox."
= PS3 was beating XBOX by 200,000+ units per month for the 1st 3 quarters. MS, does a price cut, it's desperation.


"If Sony drops the price of the PS3 and with the line-up they have announced , Microsoft is in for a real battle."

XBOX is beating PS3, PS3 get's a price cut, it's the best business decission ever made.

I just don't understand??

Giriath3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Focusing "on the now" is a bit hard to do when speculating about the future. As is not using "if", as no one knows for certain what will happen in the future.

Here I thought this was the simplest of logic, silly me. :)

Kill Crow3642d ago

You say sony closed the gap ... but it's actually the OTHER way round. PS3 had been selling more than xbox in the first half of the year, in fact as late as august ... However, only i nthe later part of the year xbox sold much more than PS3 ... and closed the gap.

It means that PS3 had brought the over all lead down to almost 5 million consoles ... but M$ has pushed it back to where it started at between 7 and 8 million ....

For sony to every properly close the gap, it HAS to sell more than xbox ... end of.

and right now it isn't.

Man_of_the_year3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

The term "IF" represents speculation - which does not represent the future. Thus the term "IF" holds no confirmation to events that may or may not take place in the future.

Therefor there is no reason to assume the PS3 will drop the price, nor will MS be in any real trouble - as i am pretty sure i made clear with my last post....

Here I thought this was the simplest of logic, silly me. :)

Rhoic3642d ago

"Killzone 2 is the mean end of a very large and lethal battering ram and there isn't a damn thing MS can do about it now. The last hurrah has come and gone."

LOL.. Yeah, they totally cant do anything about it now. That's why they're releasing:

Halo Wars
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned
Exclusive Fallout 3 DLC

THEN comes the multi-platform games that will (as always) sell more on the 360:

Street Fighter IV
Resident Evil 5

Yeah.. Microsoft is in for a LOT of trouble.


Use your head. Microsoft is obviously going to make more of a profit with 6-7 games compared to 3-4 games from Sony..

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Dark General3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

As the announcer chick in TF2 would say: YOU LOSE, STALEMATE.

No ammo for you guys in your console wars. I told you guys, for anyone to say the 360 was better than the Ps3 or vice versa would be splitting hairs. Both did pretty good.

ultimolu3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )


Holy sh*t.

And it's doomed?

Yeah doom n' gloomers...ya'll stupid. -__-

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morganfell3641d ago

"i wish she'd grow up. i wish she'd grow up."

The above was written by a kid that uses sophomoric attempts to beat the swear filter just so he can demonstrate an adult command of the English language...

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Firstkn1ghT3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Still fumbling around for numbers are we??? Do you guys seriously believe that the ps3 is going to catch up to the 360??? Please! Go ahead and play the "IF" game all you want because it's a done deal. The 360 has beat the ps3.

ultimolu3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )


...In other words, the playing field has been leveled. And you sound a little nuttier than usual. It's okay...shhh, don't cry on me now!

EDIT: Wow you're smacking disagrees? Why are you so obsessed with sales?

Fishy Fingers3642d ago

Who cares man, no one here works for MS or Sony, we just play computer games. You should try it yourself.

BigPappaPump3642d ago

This console generation is FAR from over for you to make such statement.

Firstkn1ghT3642d ago

MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, SOCOM, Motorstorm 2, and Dark Knight didn't even create a dent in the over all lead and now you think 2009 will??? LMAO! Give up already man. The 4 year debate is over. The 360 beat the ps3.

PirateThom3642d ago




pixelsword3642d ago

The PS3 is only seven million away from equaling the 360's numbers... without a price cut.

Given the 2009-2010 line-up and Sony breaking even soon, I imagine that Sony is on the verge of a massive surge.

Pennywise3642d ago

FirstKnight, my life would be so much better if I could live in Candyland with you. 360 is hanging on for its dear life in '09.

Even the most loyal MS customers must be dissatisfied with whats coming.

Dark General3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

That is a pretty interesting viewpoint you have there kn1gt. Contextually speaking the 360 has been out a year longer than the Ps3. It has sold 28 million units in it's near 4 year lifetime. Impressive feat no doubt. The Ps3 has been out for near 3 years and has sold 21 million units. Not that bad in my book. As Vince from shamwow would say, "you following me camera guy?". The 360 sold somewhere around 7 or 8 million in it's first year right?

So that means both consoles have been on the market together for 3 years. Trying to 1up each other. But it have up to this point been pretty much a tie. Now here is where the interesting question comes in. Lets say Sony supports the Ps3 for another year or two longer than the 360. In during that extra years time the Ps3 passes the 360 in total sales would you acknowledge it? Or would you say it's still Sony's loss despite the fact the 360 was out on the market for a longer time.

lh_swe3642d ago

Despite all the negative bullshit the ps3 has gone through, it was released one year later, xbox owners who's warranties have expired have gone for rebuys, bad PR, not enough advertising, weaker exclusives at the start(due to the one year head start of the xbox360.
And despite all this the ps3 has still managed to level the playing field i beleive that to be quite an amazing feat.
You sit there and get raped by MS who sucks money out of you and releases an unfinished product and just because now they are getting bad PR they feel they have to do something about it. So go on continue gettng the money sucked out of you while i go enjoy Gears 2, left 4 dead and mass effect on my PC and continue to have fun with LBP, R2, MGS4, uncharted, ratchet and clank and in a months time KZ2 biatch.

Sitdown3642d ago

Where did you find the complete list of games that will be released in 09 for the 360?

You would think by now that people would get a clue that there are too many variables for anybody to try and predict what will happen this generation.

Qdog3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

The Xbox 360 has lost it's teeth, the only thing left is to support what is left of it, as the PS3 and PC move ever forward. I have struggled with this for quite a while now, and honestly, I know why you cant charge for online, and the multiplayer component of a PC game....because intelligent people would never pay a premium for the ability to buy something. Does Steam, Direct2Drive, or EA Store charge for any of their services? Let me answer, no they dont, and you could download far more game related content with any of those services, than you can with Xbox Live. Microsoft is attached to your wallet, not your gaming experience. They have never cared about the overall quality of any of their products or the experience they offer, and it shows with their choice to use P2P servers, faulty hardware, unfinished games, charging for something that should be free, etc. They only provide enough support for their products to try to avoid a class-action lawsuit, but people are wising up, and Microsoft has more than a few high profile lawsuits pending against it in multiple countries. I could go on, but I think I've made my point. You pay and pay and pay, but in the end, what do you have to show for it, that another system or service cannot provide for free?

3642d ago
Pennywise3642d ago

Sitdown, I am not looking for a fight... But now that you mentioned it you guys have 2 halo games coming (MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and what?? Ninja Blade?

If the 360 is what you like, fine. I am not going to bash you for that like you do with anyone who likes the PS3. But, dont try to make it like the 360 is better. Anyone with 2 eyes and a brain can dispute that.

Sitdown3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I am not looking for a fight either, but I asked a very valid question.....especially since Microsoft's policy has been to not really reveal their line-up to far in advance. In addition there is no need for you to say "you guys"...and I would welcome you to direct me to where I bash individuals who own a ps3. Now, I have no problem admitting that I will challenge anybody who gives information so blatantly skewed...but the fact is, I am on nobody's team....because none of these companies are putting money in my pocket. In addition, if you look through my will even discover that I actually own all three consoles, and enjoy the perks of each. So again, my comment was not to start a fight.......but in my mind, it still is a very valid question; given that we are only a month into the new year....and Microsoft has a history of not showing games too can one be so quick to make an assumption when Microsoft could easily have cards they have not put into you say you are not looking to start a fight, how can you make the statement that MS customers have to be dissatisfied? Dissatisfied comes from having an expectation...and not everybody is glued to gaming, to have such expectations.....and to be honest, outside of wanting to see if Killzone 2 lives up to the hype, I can honestly say that there are currently no ps3 exclusives that I am watching...does that make me dissatisfied with the ps3? No it doesn't....I could be just fine getting the yearly multiplayer games. If all I want to play each year is Madden...and I get that every year...then I would not have a reason to be dissatisfied. I think sometimes you all forget not everybody is into all these genres...some people just want their sports title....and as long as the 360 has them, then they are more than happy....and everything else is just a bonus.

So the meat of my post are to consider the gray, where as "fanboys" tend to just want to think in black and white.

AngryHippo3642d ago

..'In other words, the playing field has been leveled'. They both sold around the same for 2008 but the gap has NOT closed at all in 2008. They are at the same level. In order for Sony to catch up they need to outsell the 360 not sell the same amount. The fact Microsoft launch its 360 a year earlier than the PS3 really is making it difficult for Sony to catch up. If they had launched at the same time Sony would have won hands down, but they didn't and now Microsoft has itself in a very good position in the market. Sony will do a price drop this year and it will move consoles, but there is still a big gap to close and the 360 will not suddenly just stop selling. I am sure Sony will catch up but i just cannot see it happening any time soon.

Sitdown3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I am glad that you clarified that if they were both even last year....that the gap was not closed. I am not sure what that individual was talking about....on the other hand, I think being even last year could potentially work in Sony's favor. It's like being able to sit Kobe for the entire third quarter, and being tied at the beginning of the 4th....being well rested, he now has the opportunity to do his thing against tired opponents. Then on top of that...I doubt these companies necessarily care what position they are in, as long as they are making a profit....I doubt Nintendo would care if they were in 3rd place as long as they were bringing in the figures that they are now. I know that I would not. I also really wonder if the ps3 launched at the same time would they really have won hands down....I guess I am considering whether or not the bluray would have been included, and if there would have been a failure rate attached with it. I wonder if it would have still had a small number of games released with it at launch. I just think that there are so many variables....that is why it is so interesting that people are making these black and white assumptions, when more so than is clear that there are too many things to consider. Like part of me believes that the ps3 will not see the same numbers of the ps2, because the Wii has taking a lot of those "casual gamers" from Sony...and not necessarily just brought new gamers in.

Qdog3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Did you sign in with all five of your accounts just to disagree with my opinion? You still didnt answer any of my questions, I see disagrees with no reason. Whats wrong, does your rebuttal not hold any water? Just to clarify, I am an Xbox 360 fan, and I use windows vista ultimate on my PC, gave the Wii to my wife, because she enjoyed it more, play my PSP avidly, and love my PS3 and iPod Touch...I enjoy them all equally, but I call it how I see it.

yz2503642d ago

are you drunk again? aaron greenberg went by the first sells data which is always vg chartz....which is always off by a few. so big deal they aren't 8 million ahead, just over 7 million. either way it still shows 360 with a comfortable lead over ps3. that lead will continue with the economic you guys REALLY think people are going to buy a ps3 for kz2? lmao $460 plus tax is almost $500 for one game is awesome enough for 500 bones! sony can only take more loss and cut the price......even then over 7 million ahead is still hard to catch up too. 360's will still be selling during this time period. so good luck sony

Qdog3642d ago Show
Graphics Whore3641d ago

Damn first knight that's sad. You care so much about sales and now that the data is released you don't care? Doesn't that seem suspect?