Classic SEGA Franchises That Need A PSN, XBLA or WiiWare Revival "I'm so stoked about Outrun coming this month. It's Outrun, man. That game is like - oh em gee - one of my favourites. What's more badass than driving a Ferrari through the US with a hot girl by your side? Doing it in a video game with SEGA's trademark "cock-rock" blaring in your ears of course!

It got me thinking, though. Outrun is coming to the PS3 and 360 as a download, why can't we have more? Here's what I'd like please, Mr. SEGA."

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SixTwoTwo3547d ago

Gunstar Heroes and Landstalker for the PSN please. That is all.

SixTwoTwo3547d ago

A Phantasy Star I-IV collection would be pretty amazing on the PSN.

BlackIceJoe3547d ago

I so would love to see a new Streets of Rage game. Sega has some of the best IPs out there yet Sega is just keeping them in hiding. I for the longest time wanted to see a new Golden Axe game then Sega brought out that abomination they called Golden Axe. So I would love Sega to bring out new games of there old IPs I just don't want them to destroy there name. Like they have done to some in the past.

I do think the best way Sega can bring out there old classic games is by way of using the different online services like PSN,XBLA and WiiWare. Because the games sega made for there systems were not always the longest games but what they lost in length they gain in quality.

So I think Sega needs to look at what IPS they have and use the online services to bring out there games to new comers and the old ones too.