Leipzig Games Convention Dropped in favour of Online Event

In announcing the new gaming fair, the Leipzig CEO Wolfgang Marzin emphasised: "This is a completely new and fully independent product for a market that is adjusting to new business models, setting off along new sales routes and appealing to new target groups. Browser, client and mobile games are on course to becoming a big success story and in that way, the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE is like the GC - Games Convention when it first began. We are delighted that as trade fair organisers, we can again accompany this development too."

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Counter_ACT3577d ago

Shame. It was fun when I went in 2007.

Elven63577d ago

Yup, so they are basically setting up a "Second Life" room and calling it a day? That's a horrible idea, why on earth would people even bother with that?

I bet the real convention is going to be back in a year or two, no way people would bother with his.

rockleex3576d ago

Dropping the real Convention, are they?

Sounds more like they're just ADDING an online version to whats already there. :S

Apotheosis3577d ago

THQ closing and GC going to hell all in one day?

The end is nigh?

rockleex3576d ago

From a mile and 3 years away. :D

Well, actually it was Ken Kuturagi and Phil Harrison that envisioned everything that is coming to fruition as of now. ^_^

Too bad the best visionaries at Sony are gone now. PS4 will be great, but not leaps and bounds and revolutionary great like the PS3 was. :(

Heldrasil3577d ago

...when my lovely country (America), screws up the world's economy....

TIKUP3576d ago

Nice one America :D
ahahahaha lol

Tomi3576d ago

Hey guys ! Sorry, my English isnt well. Please forgive me. I life in Germany. I can say you, why this will be the GamesConventionOnline. This year, the GC Leipzig chance his stand.

The GamesConvention call now GamesCom, and its in a bigger town calls Cologne. All Publisher like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, EA, Activision, etc. will go to the GamesCom too.

So there isnt someone in the Leipzig Games Convention and now thats a Online Games Convention like a one in Japan.


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