PS3 Games Less Than 360 Games in UK

Sony's finally come out with some good news for the UK: First party Playstation 3 titles will sell for EUR 59.99 / GBP 39.99 at launch, or GBP 10 less than Xbox 360 games, Games Industry reports.

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BrotherSic4254d ago

Firstly i think this is a strange announcement:

1, it states "at launch" - does that mean prices will go up after that?

2, Will cheaper games mean more sales? i think a cheaper console would have more effect

3, Surely third party games will have to follow and have £40 games - we all know that 1st party games are supposed to be the best games so would someone pay extra for a lesser game? £40 for Motorstorm, £50 for Sonic? We know that games sell at £50 rrp (look at 360 sales) so companies like EA, ubisoft will be losing alot of money when they know they could sell them 25% higher.

Overall good for gamers not good for developers

bumnut4254d ago

most places in the uk sell 360 games for 39.99

only gamestation & game charge £50

BrotherSic4254d ago

but the rrp is £50 so does that mean that PS3 games will be £30 - £35?

TheMART4254d ago

But the 360 has special offers now in UK, a Core for 150 Pounds if I'm right and a Premium, can't remember exactly how much, but it was freakin' cheap. You can pay a lot of times 10 pounds more on a game for the difference of the price of a 360 and a PS3...

ben hates you4254d ago

if they did this in american then it would be news

ammojoe4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

N4G is an international gaming news community. Even if it wasnt this is still important news as the launch in Europe directly affects everyone with a PS3..

malachi234254d ago


But that's a typical attitude comming from a yank.


first party 360 titles are 39.99 GPB in the UK, the same as the PS3 - prices for third party titles are 50 GPB for the 360, and are yet to be announced for the PS3 so this article is pointless

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