Eight New StarCraft 2 Screenshots has gotten their hands on eight new screenshots from StarCraft 2, showing off some of the impressive single player missions of what appears to be both Terran and Protoss campaigns, or test missions. They involve "regular" combat between the three races as well as "mass defence" against incoming Zerg swarms. One of the picture is very similar to a previously released one, but most of them are completely new. This whole single player experience that we will see with StarCraft 2 looks amazing.

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Leord3576d ago

Oooh, I do like the single player ones!

Medievaldragon3576d ago

Damn, I really want to play beta. The screenshots are impressive. If they can achieve this much as standalone expansions, it is worth the wait.

AndyA3576d ago

Really looking forward to the single player campaign. Visuals look impressive too.

Leord3576d ago

Yeah, seeing how the SC1 single player twisted and turned, this might be the ride of our lives with so versatile settings...

This will so pwn DoW..

SCFreelancer3576d ago

The thing that impressed me most in these shots are the sheer number of zerg units. Apparently its no problem to render that many units in that quality and still play the game normally! love it :D

thetamer3576d ago

Oooh, I want to see more. Eight isn't enough.

Leord3576d ago

Hehe, yeah, I know what you mean. Some more shots of that fiery prison, or on the rural scenes would be terrific =)

SCFreelancer3576d ago

A second battle report would be fine as well :) Seeing all these units on stills is good, but seeing those number moving would be stunning!

Leord3576d ago

@ SCF:

Definitely. I wonder what cool type of defence or "last stance" maps they will make in single player. The ones with zerg creeping in on the Terran, respectively Protoss bases are just awesome...

Maticus3576d ago

The visuals really are good, what an improvement from SC1.

Leord3576d ago

Lol, indeed so =)

Hehe. Funny comment, I mean the difference is also 11 years development, in 3D etc etc/ It's a world's difference.

Having said that, I think the graphics are more advanced for SC2 in today's technology than SC1 was for the technology at the time...

Xulfxulf3576d ago

time for the beta already. enough with the pretty pictures.

Leord3576d ago

Lol, I wish I could say the same about D3, as your avatar reminds me that game is far off of Beta =/

Medievaldragon3576d ago

Hah ! Less teasing, more pew pew. Gimme !!!

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