22 New Shots of StarCraft 2 Unit Closeups

Besides the eight new screenshots that came across, they've also found no less than 22 new shots of StarCraft II units (including one building). Some of these models have been shown before, but all of these 22 images are new shots on the web, and have not been seen before.

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Leord3547d ago

Man, that Battlecruiser looks nice.

It would be so cool to have access to their modelling equipment, to see all of the units. I guess this is plenty, but there are even more in the game...

AndyA3547d ago

Banshee looks cool - like something from Quake Wars.

Leord3547d ago

You are right, I never thought of that!

Well, they have taken inspiration from a lot of places, I mean, the Colossus used to have 3 legs.. War of the Worlds, anyone? =)

Maticus3547d ago

Very true Leord, or perhaps is was from the BBC cult classic 'Tripods'? Who knows?

SCFreelancer3547d ago

I wonder what piece of inspiration made them want to put the Thor in the game!

Medievaldragon3547d ago

Considering that the Transformers film hit theathers around the time Starcraft 2 was in development, I guess the Thor was inspired after the film. The name Thor is a given. Chris Metzen likes Norse mythology, and he is dubbed The Thundergod Metzen.

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thetamer3547d ago

Will they release it already?

Leord3547d ago

Well, the beta seems to be coming up soon enough, so I guess release is a few months away. Well, I mean sometime this summer seems likely at the very least. Depends on how long they drag the beta.

Since I have a key, I don't really mind.

SCFreelancer3547d ago

@Leord. You know that soon is not soon enough right. We NEED it right now :P

Leord3547d ago

Well, my initial guess for beta release was actually this month, but I doubt that will happen. I mean there will be a new battle report sometime next month:

So, it's likely the beta won't start until after they finish that one up. I mean the editing of sound, the translation to all languages and sh!t takes bloody time. I wish they could just release the beta with a heavy NDA, and let fansites play with it =D

Xulfxulf3547d ago

which ships to the orcs fly?

Leord3547d ago

Lol, there are no orcs in space. The closes resemblance is actually the Terrans, ironically enough.

Medievaldragon3547d ago

The Map Making software will have the Tauren marines shown in April's Fool day. Who knows what other surprises we may have access to. Even old SC units will be in the WorldEditor.

King Klear3547d ago

It's a good thing for us mapmakers we know we will get an extra funny unit almost every April =)