Germany getting only 70k PS3?

Germany getting only 70k PS3 on release date? According to K-Videogames, german retailers where informed by SONY, that they are getting 70k PS3 on launch day. No words about upcoming shippings and volumes.

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malachi234441d ago

I would've given them less, more like 20k as they're starting to ban alot of videogames over in Germany.

Why would Sony commit so many PS3's to a nation who will probally ban many of the PS3's games anyway?.

Look at how the German goverment banned GOW and Dead Rising in Germany...and i know their were a few others too.

Black Republican4441d ago

the German gov't is stupid...
Ban games because I guess games kill ppl lol

InMyOpinion4441d ago

Germans kill people, not games ;)

timmyp534441d ago

that last comment wasn't necessary ,man.

sparco4441d ago (Edited 4441d ago )

I think sony's being generous with that amount. Germans are Scheisse and so is their country. Dont like em. Never have never will.

Also, what their government is doing with games is pathetic. Such a stupid country. Dunno whats wrong with em.

btw, lol jenzo. If they cant kill people, they kill games instead.