Famitsu Japan Hardware and Game Charts for Jan 19th to Jan 25th, 2009

VGChartz reports via Famitsu that hardware and software charts in Japan during Jan 19th to Jan 25th, 2009 were as follows:

Total Hrdware:

DSi: 45000 + DSL: 14000 = 59 000
PSP: 41000
Wii: 26000
PS3: 17000
360: 7100
PS2: 5900

Top 10 Software:

1. Wii de Asobu Mario Tennis (Wii) 31k / 86k
2. Zill O'll infinite Plus (PSP) 29k / 29k [NEW]
3. Taiko Drum Mater Wii (Wii) 27k / 344k
4. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP the Best) 25k / 343k
5. Fragile (Wii) 23k / 23k [NEW]
6. Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode (DS) 20k / 707k
7. Rhythm Heaven Gold (DS) 20k / 1.520m
8. Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou (Wii) 19k / 19k [NEW]
9. Wii Fit (Wii) 17k / 3.109m
10. Left 4 Dead (360) 17k /17k [NEW]

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sinncross3576d ago

Dissidia out of top 10 while MH2 is still there?

I think Square might make a killing off FF13 Agito hey.

Cyrus3653576d ago

Shows you what monster hunter is gonna do on wii, it's gonna be huge.

Chris3993576d ago

3 incarnations of the game and it's never made it to the West.

Hopefully this release has a chance.

Jamegohanssj53576d ago

If you guys haven't noticed the Wii hype is slowly decreasing in Japan. This is Sony's year in Japan. You will see the release of many products dealing with FF, then Yakuza, and etc.


ZackFair3576d ago

Quite impressive, I suspect when it releases worldwide it'll catch up to Crisis Core's 3 million sold.

FinalomegaS3576d ago

Wii hype dying?

The system is selling that much with no games =/ no price cut, no bundle. Tell me how is the hype dying? At one point the DS had same issue also and then the SW came and different colors etc. The PS brand has had every known trick to boost sales , color, price cut, bundle, A+ games, Blu Ray player and yet it still lagging behind.

PS: All HW & SW sales are down.

anh_duong3576d ago

wii sales are weak.. maybe it is because every man, woman, children, dog and pet hamster has bought one?

MasFlowKiller3576d ago

Look at how Close the PS3 is to the wii

Voiceofreason3575d ago

Time of the year and nothing more.

Oh but wait.. 360 is about to over take PS3 in Japan.. Its over now..Look how close those sales are..

Yeah I bet that sounds pretty stupid to you Sony fans but its just as likely that 360 will catch the PS3 in Japan as it is the PS3 catching the Wii in Japan.

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muddygamesite3576d ago

Not bad numbers for the playstation family. What would be surprising would be if Japan take a liking to Killzone 2. That would really boost WW sales of PS3 software and Hardware.

Cyrus3653576d ago

Doubt it's gonna happen, what FPS have sold well, maybe it'll sell like Halo 3, or Left 4 dead/fallout like..but i don't expect big numbers in japan.

If it sells 100 K that'd be considered a success there.

Dipso3576d ago

Killzone 2 will make a little impact in Japan...the Yakuza bundle on the other hand should sell quite a few.

theEnemy3576d ago

Japanese prefer Mario and Pokemons instead of Guns and Violence.

theEnemy3576d ago

How many "Mario" has been made by Nintendo on the Wii and DS? anyone counting ?

As long as there's a "Mario" word in it, it'll be #1 in Japan.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3576d ago

PS3: 17000

360: 7100

PS2: 5900

;-D ;-D ;-D

Ryuk3576d ago

lol dude..didnt u get fired from the company you would so-called die for? Lmfao, must be that Jedi mind control they use to keep the droids under control

San Frandisco3576d ago

wii sales are declining and ps3 is closing that gap slowly but surely ATM.
it should out perform it after a few months... they got yakuza 3 FF7C blu-ray as well as some others to keep them ps3 satisfied.

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