V-Jump hints to Final Fantasy VII, new short movie and more

The japanese media information V-Jump is offering today a great information, an OAV is preparing by Square ENix to a japan release with FINAL FANTASY VII : Advent Children Complete !

And after the first scan for Shounen Jump, yesterday, V-Jump hints of a trailer for the 31st of January of This Year, related to 12th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY VII.

Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa and Aerith are the main character of this kinda gift of the goddess Square-Enix.

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Xandet4487d ago

wheeeeee, hopefully it doesn't dry up so soon this time!

Why dis4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Its best we wait for the Japanese to carefully explain news before the west runs with sh*t.

Check the evolution of this rumor.



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Blademask4487d ago

You know you're not supposed to have multiple right?

sinncross4487d ago

I just want Last Order at 1080P with ACC.

Though it would be nice if they got that dubbed as well (the japanese is better and would obviously be an option for users) but not everyone I know likes watching things in japanese

Hiruma Youchi4487d ago

"Man I hate all this add-on crap they are doing for FF7. Next thing you'll see when/if they remake FF7 that Genesis will be a secret boss and he'll have his own section of story in the game. Or if you beat the game you can playthrough it again as Zack instead of Cloud. Oi.... Seriously Square stop screwing with the game!!! *sighs*"

Im feelin what Duke said right thur. make sum with the Cat kid from FF9 duke was cool.

Eamon4487d ago

yeah, an ff9 cg film will be cool

4487d ago
Cyb3r4487d ago

I have to agree with Hiruma Youchi there I just wish SquareEnix would stop milking FF7 for all its worth and just make a remake of the game.

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