PlayStation Store update Japan - 29 january

Nextgamer posted up the Japan Playstation Store update of 29 January 2009. Hit the jump for the full list of PS3 and PSP updates.

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TheColbertinator3547d ago

Japan PSN is so lucky.They get more PS1 games and the new Yakuza 3 trailer.

Cajun Chicken3547d ago

Jeez, when are the PSN stores going to fill up with PSone games like Japan in the US and UK, do Sony even realise people own a PSP AND a PS3 at the same time and want GOOD titles on them too?

Sarcasm3547d ago

I wish they would release FFVII as a PSone download already.

I'd pay $20 for that. Hell, I'd even pay $30. It still beats the $70+ that the online retailers are asking for.

Cajun Chicken3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I'd like ALL the Crash series, Spyro series, Medievil series, Croc, Hogs of War, MDK, Rollcage series, X2 and Wild 9 legally on my PS3 and PSP at my disposal.

Heck, I really want an application in a future firmware that checks the vadility of a PSone game in your PS3's drive through PSN so you could have any PSone game you own on PS3 and PSP ripped onto the HDD. I'm not sure if the PSone emulator works like that, but it would be great if it did.

EDIT: To the disagreer...Those were the games I want to see come out on the PSN store for PSP and PS3, I didn't rule out any of YOUR choices.

KrazyFace3547d ago

I have a problem with, it's the extras they get in Home. I've been offline for about two weeks (PS3) and now I'm back I see we have another place to stand in line and a grotty train station to hang about. If I wanted to hang about a sh*t train station, I'd go down the road. At least the trains move there!!!

INehalemEXI3547d ago

LBP Kratos costume and God of War mini pack. No fair.

Theoneneo813547d ago

all i want for a ps1 download is metal Gear Solid then id be happy.