Editorial: 140 Character Game Reviews The Way Of The Future?

SlapStic owner Ryan Rigney writes about his newfound love for writing "MicroReviews" via Twitter for his followers/RSS subscribers. Are reviews this short really the best way to inform the masses? Read the arguments here and decide yourself...

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tinydancer3550d ago

Sounds... interesting... I'll admit that I just don't have the time to read massive reviews anymore. I think I'd prefer smaller, bite-sized ones from time to time.

Stoneroses63003550d ago

I have to agree. It's not like this guy is saying that long-form reviews should be done away with: just there is room for both. Good article.

MountainMaverick3550d ago

Ya I'll always want my huge, in depth reviews for games that I'm going to have to make a $60 investment in...

RKRigney3550d ago

An intelligent, non-flamewar conversation happening in the open zone? LOL WUT?

Volvobug3550d ago

So this guy is basically the polar opposite of IGN.

RKRigney3550d ago

Ha yeah IGN writes like 5 page reviews when they could sum up what they're saying in 2.