Tomb Raider: Underworld Trophy List (NTSC-J)

The current list contains 33 trophies for the Japanese PLAYSTATION®3 release of the Eidos published title.

No word on a patch for current regional releases.

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PirateThom3551d ago

OK, that's interesting.

I guess even if a game released in another region but localised versions didn't make the cut off date it has to support trophies.

GrieverSoul3550d ago

Thats interestig and also really stupid!
If they have done the trophy patch for Japan at least translate to English and give to angry players who didnt buy the game because of it!

Not my case though, Ive played the game but didnt like it very much.
The trophies would make me return for another run.

PirateThom3550d ago

I'm guessing once it's released they may well do that. It would be stupid not to... well, it was stupid to release the game without trophies.

Same with Street Fighter II HD... it'll probably be released in Europe with trophies and it would be silly to not release a patch elsewhere.