Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 17

It's the first face-off of the New Year and with it, the opportunity to bring the cold, hard, iron first of order to the games cupboard by rounding up the games we really should have covered by now, but didn't for reasons too numerous and too tedious to get into. It's also the chance to take a look at how the first high profile release of 2009 - EA's Lord of the Rings: Conquest - measures up under Eurogamer's unyielding scrutiny.

As we've got a lot of software to get through, we've bumped up the interesting games to the front of the feature, then grouped together the rest in the form of smaller, round-up featurettes at the end. However, as per the norm, all games get the full screenshot gallery treatment - captures losslessly derived from the HDMI ports of both consoles at full range 24-bit RGB precision. Where PS3 outputs a 1080p signal on any given game, additional galleries are provided, along with their 360 counterparts.

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duplissi3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

you said it. yet the fanboys will be like flys on sh!t.

although i did notice something peculiar: laras boobs seemed a tad bigger in the xbox version. see here- jump to 1:15 and tell me if im wrong

Carbide73576d ago

Haha, yea. I just checked that out. They do seem to be a tad bigger

duplissi3576d ago

yeah just by a little. lol odd dont you think?

thereapersson3576d ago

That's because Eidos was utilizing the advanced polygon pushing power of the 360 to augment Lara's cup size where they simply could not on the PS3. ;)

Helghast3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Nobody buys a particular console base on the minute differences between multiplatform games.

Although a KillZone 2 comparison isn't necessary to see the gap between PS3 and 360 since Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was compared to Gears 2 and Uncharted won by a landslide!

Seriously, these sites need to compare exclusives not multiplatforms.

Why dis3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

You keep saying KZ2 but I don't think folks will be able to boast KZ2 2 months after teh release once other 2009 titles are announced.

PixlSheX3576d ago

That's the point. There are so many exclusives that we don't know what to play.

Rampant3576d ago

Why should they compare exclusives? You already know that you're going to get Killzone 2 for the ps3. They do these comparisons to show which version of a multiplat game you should buy.

lordgodalming3576d ago

"Not this again..."

Agreed. There's no reason for this series of *ahem* articles to have gone on for so long. For example, Issue 17 (this one) can be summed up in a single sentence: "We don't like the anti-aliasing on the PS3." Fair enough. Now be quiet already.

tatotiburon3576d ago

[email protected] if you all have too many exclusives to play, why every single game of the 2008 lineup had terrible sales?

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pansenbaer3576d ago

Ha. I know. These just make me laugh. And the discussion that stems from them is pretty interesting as well. :)

Why dis3576d ago

No need to blame them...

InMyOpinion3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Give it up for The We Don't Cares feat The Bu-Bu-Buts with their smash hit single "They're biased"!

Graphics Whore3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Do Sony Fanboy's really need to mention anything other than Killzone 2? No offense Jenzo, but as a Xbox Fanboy you should keep your mouth shut when you know your console of preference ain't doin' to hot in the technical department.

Anyway, happy gaming gamers.

InMyOpinion3576d ago

Multiplats show what the developer can achieve on both platforms, exclusives only show what they can achieve on one particular platform. I'd love to see what Guerilla Games with a $50+ million budget could achieve on the 360.

PixlSheX3576d ago

"I'd love to see what Guerilla Games with a $50+ million budget could achieve on the 360. "

Maybe a exclusive DLC.

Dark General3576d ago

*Laughs my ass off* Well played Pixelsex.

And oh yeah i don't think multiplatform shows what devs can do with both consoles. Multiplatforms maximize profits from sells. More times than not because of deadlines, fixes etc games aren't extremely optimized. There's a difference between peak performance and polishing.

dude_uk3576d ago



Nice one mate =D

Man_of_the_year3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Bro the droids will never understand the concept of multiplats looking worse on the PS3. They believe that KZ2 is the only game that the PS3 needs. No other games for the console are needed - just KZ2 and that people will flock to buy a $400 console just to play 1 game for the next 8 years....(they seem to have already forgotten about MGS4 & LBP) as if those 2 exclusives never existed. And that KZ2 is enough to bring the PS3 from 3rd place up to 1st.

LOL delusional droids will never understand the concept of which ever console has the largest library will be the winner of this Gen (excluding the wii).

Can't wait to play Section 8.

@ PixlSheX

Nope i didn't forget the /sarcasm (its because there is none there) i am not a delusional droid - i see things as they are and yet i still love my PS3.

PixlSheX3576d ago

You forgot the /sarcasm

Graphics Whore3576d ago

Man of the year, I would take you up on your discussion however seeing as this topic is ABOUT GRAPHICS, Sony Fans have the upper hand.


Man_of_the_year3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Gameplay > Graphics

Always has been, always will be. And since KZ2 is the ONLY game that i would say is a nice way to up the bar graphic wise - KZ2 has also been in deveopment for 5 years, cost $50 million to make.

The true test is comparing the same game on both systems - and i am sorry but the 360 continuously wins in multiplat game comparisons.

The conversation would be 1 sided here as you only have KZ2 to bring to the table. And going by recent reviews getting 8, 9, and 10's only solidifies the fact that KZ2 was an over HYPED game.

And since we are only talking about the article, then your comment "seeing as this topic is ABOUT GRAPHICS, Sony Fans have the upper hand." was already incorrect before you even thought it up.

Article is about multiplat games being compared to each other - not exclusives - maybe if you had read the article you would have realized this.

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Fishy Fingers3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Not many great multiplats over the last few months? Only played 2 of the games on that list (PoP, Saint Row) and didnt really enjoy either. Have fun arguing over got the higher polished poo ;)

edhe3576d ago

Last few months saw Dead Space, mirror's edge, skate 2, prince of persia, saints row 2, sf2hd, cod [email protected], midnight club, fallout3 ..

No i don't think there's a problem with multiplat titles recently.

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