Windows 7 winning the benchmark war

The new OS is winning over notoriously skeptical tech bloggers and benchmarking sites. PC Authority puts together a roundup of some of the results that show why Windows 7 will be faster than Vista.

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Carbide73642d ago

Well, that's good. I never upgraded to Vista, XP was sufficient, I hope Windows 7 does well.
I hate Microsoft, but I wish them the best. I mean look! They did a good job with the Zune. It's actually one of the better players out there.

duplissi3642d ago

i sure hope it does well, because in the state microsoft is in i dont like them, but unfortunatly you really cant get away from some of their products. and if windows 7 is done well then that might change my perception of them
the only good products imo microsoft has made are windows xp, the xbox and to some extent the xbox 360(it would be better if you know it didnt break.) and the zune.

i just wish microsoft would be more innovative, i mean vista is in SOME ways a blatant copy of os x, and the zune is an ipod wanna be, i think their only somewhat innovative endeavor was the 360 they brought online console gaming to the forefront, and made it more like a social network to communicate with like minded people.

oh dont even mention segas online attempt please...flop... plus it was nothing like xbox live.

cherrypie3642d ago

This happens with every OS. Always.

During XP's launch, people complained about it. Everyone wanted W2K. Now, same with Vista.

Vista is a major change from XP. It will take some time to optimize it for speed, to kick out the bugs, to "iron everything out".

Windows 7 is the implementation of those improvements. I ran Vista Ultimate and like it a lot. But I'll be putting W7 Beta on every machine I own now.

vitz33642d ago

What war? Where do these idiot editors come up with these stupid ideas and terms?

HydroUK3642d ago

from the beta i can say windows 7 is noticeably quicker than vista

trancefreak3642d ago

heck ya i like it alot . I tried it for 2 weeks and was really impressed. Hopefully it will be out fairly soon so i can upgrade from vista.

SiLeNt KNighT3642d ago

I have windows 7 running on an old Pentium 4 3.0ghz w/ HT and 1.3 GB of ram and it runs quicker than Vista on my Pentium dual core duo 2.24ghz with 3 GB of ram.

in the windows experience score my dual core duo has a base score of 4.0 and on my old Pentium 4 cpu its a 2.3 but it runs windows 7 a LOT faster than the faster computer.

I cant wait for this new operating system comes out. copy or not, im going to use it and im glad its much better than vista.

FantasyStar3642d ago

To be expected of Microsoft. Hopefully DX11 will finally advance gaming into the next-gen beyond what consoles can do.

richie007bond3642d ago

I downloaded and installed Windows 7 beta, all i can say is that this new OS is flaming hot.Its much faster than Vista i kid you not and rock solid to boot, i love the GUI and i've had no problems with drivers, to say the least am hugely impressed with windows 7 if this is the shape of things to come then XP and Vista are history, i would go as far to say i would take a Windows 7 beta anyday over Vista or XP.

SpartanGR3642d ago

Damn i want them now but we're still 1 year+ away yes? They'll be out sometime in 2010 i remember reading somewhere.

SiLeNt KNighT3642d ago

the beta ends August 1 '09 and supposedly the final version will be released simultaneously with the ending of the beta. kinda like, "DING, your beta has ended, to continue using windows full features you must purchase a license." I almost want to install W7 over vista and just use it as my main OS in the mean time. not sure how my money situation will be around august though so i dont want to be stuck with no operating system or have to do a fresh install of vista. to do to do??

FinalFantasyFanatic3641d ago

um... Dual boot Vista and Windows 7 instead? Then you only need to reboot the computer to use the other OS, especially if you don't have a valid licence for 7 by the beginning of August.