COD:WAW's "Veteran" difficulty: some impressions

Treyarch's conception of the Veteran difficulty is deeply flawed. The game's programmers seem to think that the best way to make a game harder to to make your fellow soldiers as stupid as possible.

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Wildarmsjecht3643d ago

I'll give you some impressions. Veteran mode in CoD:WaW in Treyarchs mind means "Every single grenade known to man is aimed at your head and the enemies seem to be able to snipe you from the farthest of distances, even with a weapon such as a pistol. Teammates are nothing, they are gunning for your face, and your face alone" Case in's just retarded.

drewdrakes3643d ago

Id like to add that no matter how many you kill they just replenish and stand back in the same spots. Call of Duty 4 did this too. There should be a cap on how many enemies there are, despite it being the hardest difficulty.

At points i just threw smoke and ran through in order to beat levels. Surprisingly it works very well.

Wildarmsjecht3643d ago

I am going to utilize your smoke and run tactic. See if it makes me even bother taking the game out of the case again. And you're right about the infinite spawning enemies. I wouldn't mind it if I didn't have 400 grenades attached to my legs as soon as I start the mission.

DwightOwen3643d ago

I invented some new verbal obscenities en route to getting the Platinum Trophy for this game.

Blaze9293642d ago

I just started to tackle the campaign on easy then planned on veteran later. Guess that wont be happening as well as a 1000/1000 completion. I was able to get 1000/1000 in COD2 and COD4. Now COD4 was freaking hard but if this is just cheap and lame forget it. Never buying a treyarch game again possibly as this game was some real crap.

Helghast3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I got the WaW Platinum... I also have 1 broken analog stick :(

The trophy for sniping that guy with a pistol is a HARD! It took me over 3 hours and suddenly the screen turned slow-mo and I got a trophy :)

(If you don't believe me my PSN is FURY _ _ UNLEASHED)

Sarcasm3642d ago

"At points i just threw smoke and ran through in order to beat levels. Surprisingly it works very well."

That worked for me too. Unfortunately I'm stuck on the 2nd to last level for the last F'in two trophies.

And another thing is that you don't get smoke grenades when playing the Russian missions.

Treyarch, you guys suck for this so-called "veteran's" mode.

andron3642d ago

Some of these levels are beyond annoying and messed up on Veteran.

And the sniper duel is just the most fricking annoying ever. I don't know why, but I have trouble with that on all difficulties.

Right now I' not sure if I'm going to bother with the 4 last level on veteran at all. It's just not fun...

GameGambits3642d ago

I've always said if Treyarch and EPIC games got together to make a game it'd blow our minds how terrible it is. I'm sure they'd have the campaign filled with nonstop chainsaw grenades, that upon detonation heat seek through everyone and everything to cut you to pieces. Of course 50 of them would drop at once.

The online would be unplayable and filled with bugs upon bugs. However, it will be really simple to play and revolve around just 1 button. They will then start marketing to make a controller with just 1 stick and one shiny red button.

It'll be called The Craptastic Adventure and it will get great reviews. It will also be heavily played, and the fanboys will nuthug it to death as the best thing ever. :D

Helghast3642d ago

So you post on Sherdog?

jammy_703642d ago

this is just rediculous though!

prunchess3642d ago

COD WAW's Veteran mode is f*cked up! I agree with everything my fellow gamers above have posted and would like to add having enemies perpetually respawn is just pure lazy. I can see this game getting traded in as soon as killzone 2 is released.

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3643d ago

The veteran difficulty of this game is pure crap. All they do is throwing you an infinite amount of grenade on you. Treyarch prove again that they cant do a good game ...Ewww cod3 ...

INehalemEXI3642d ago

yup, nades galore and team mates standing in your line of fire shot blocking.

ArmrdChaos3642d ago

The grenades that gate in from a alternate dimension right next to you? No thrower necessary...just for the sake of making sure you are never allowed to take cover.

GamerPS3603642d ago

co4 is same way too. Instead of making smart AI. its pure script.

nombon3642d ago

playing this game on veteran was much harder than cod 4 on veteran mainly because i never really like the weapons all that much and that there were more grenades thrwn at you. I have beaten both games on veteran and this one is very difficult. i espeacially hated the level burn em out and tthe 2nd last level where u storm the 3rd reich building. In the end im hppy i finished the game on veteran.
the only thing stopping me from having the full 1000 gamer score is the achievement where u shoot 45 enemy planes down in the black cats level :(

Mcrmarcher3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Veteran wouldn't be so bad if your buddies weren't retarded and if your enemies didn't throw endless amounts of grenades. seriously i threw 5 of the dam things back afer taking cover, one after another, and your team mates have a habit of facing a wall and trying to fire threw it.

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