US videogame market topped $21 billion in 2008

The videogames industry has set a new record in the US for sales of software and hardware, with 2008's level topping USD 21 billion across the year, with almost a quarter of that coming in the supposedly economy-stricken month of December.

According to NPD data software sales grew by almost 23 per cent to USD 11.7 billion, with December alone accounting for USD 5.3 billion - more than the total figure generated throughout the entire calendar year in 1997.

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Sarick3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

This market is big it's no wonder some companies make it big while others fail.

It'd be nice to see a pie chart dividing this number among the industry hardware and software developers. That would be impressive.

ShinFuYux3642d ago

To go and start buying some stocks.

Hell, I can be rich by the end of this economic crisis.


omodis4203642d ago

Videogames=low investment+high returns.