X-Play World Premier Exclusive: RACE Pro Trailer

Peep this World Premiere Exclusive trailer for the new racing game Race Pro exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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PoSTedUP3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

i though the first footage was it (i was like, wow looks on par with GT5) until i saw the real gameplay which imo looks like it plays good but looks not that great. looks like that Ferrari challenge game.

NaiNaiNai3554d ago

looks don't mean much, there isn't a company that can compete with simbin in simulation racing, not even GT.

PoSTedUP3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

"there isn't a company that can compete with simbin in simulation racing"

says who? an angry gaming fanboy? lol

have you played race 07? this is like a direct port, that games driving physics isnt as good as GT4 0r 5...

remember when Top Gear said that GT4 is the most realistic driving simulator out there? yea... (ok lets forget the critics) so how about the PRO's and how they choose gran turismo over any other simulator?

LFS is up there as one of the best simulators but the pros arent crazy over it, they choose GT ya know.

i think sims are getting so close to the real thing that they are almost identical, but the pros know best, thats all i have to say, id take THEIR word over an angry fanboys or gaming critics ANYDAY.

NaiNaiNai3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

if i recall the pros chose forza 2. as for i have played boths Simbin on PC and Gt 5 "demo" and GT5 is by far not real. when you go 30 mph in a ferrari and the car goes of the track in a very very easy turn, that is not real, even my little POS toyotta can handle those turns at 65. GT has never been real, only little kids think its real racing.

PoSTedUP3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

lol forza, i think your "recalling" is a little off.

bu bu but when i play fo fo fo forza, the cars dont handle realistically because i know best, be be because i am a real racecar driver and i know be be better than the pros] : / you see where i am getting at? here ya go

this ones jsut for the heck of it.. enjoy fanboy! -- >

edit: im sure he got paid for doing the video... and you car is an ecobox, totally different from a race car. http://playstation.joystiq.... but what about all the other professional race car drivers? lol.

NaiNaiNai3554d ago

so your going to show me something he was paid to do. LMFAO. yea hes gona say what ever they tell him to, its called money.

and i never said forza was perfect heck i really don't like it, but GT has fake asa physics. like i said when a 200 thousand dollar car handles worse then my 2000 one, somethings wrong, and when my car handles differently in real life then what the game says then something is also wrong.

lokiroo4203554d ago

hey nai how about using a wheel to drive with in the game not the controller. what do you know about racing, thats right what you played on a console, turismo takes a dump on any other racing game get over it.

Kaneda3554d ago

" like i said when a 200 thousand dollar car handles worse then my 2000 one"

maybe you just suck at racing game..

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jack who3554d ago

i see xbox logo but no play station logo? what happend didnt fanboys say it was coming to ps3 too//???/

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3554d ago

Nainainai is correct

Race Pro is exclusive to 360 just like Too Human and RROD

Richdad3554d ago

have to let it go GT5 looks best visually but its the best simulation part is not correct. Even GT4 had it flaws I had GT4 it was very tough ven tough to control, GT5p was better but still till the FOrza2 with weak graphics than GT5p was a better sim and thats not a lie.
FOrza 2 didnt looked that good but I cant say its bad sim due to its visuals.

LeonSKennedy4Life3554d ago


Beautiful, isn't it?

InMyOpinion3554d ago

If you've been in Home you would know all about that.

This game doesn't do it for me. Graphics look dated and the gameplay kind of reminds me of TOCA, which I hate.

Rock Bottom3554d ago

Yep, that's how Race Driver: GRID looked on my outdated PC.

UltraNova3554d ago

Why do they shows of footage of Gran turismo 4?
Oh wait its Race Pro!!! My bad!

The Lazy One3554d ago

graphics are kinda meh... but the car handling looked pretty awesome in some of the pre-mini vids.

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