Capcom: Dead Rising not all about high zombie count

Capcom's Christian Svensson has stated that Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop is not all about high zombie count and that the point of Dead Rising is picking up/using hundreds of objects to defeat enemies.

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theusedfake3577d ago

maybe not, but it definitely helped

buy a ps33577d ago

well it was what made the first game special.

tako20003577d ago

the number of zombies is the key factor to create the despair atmosphere for the title.

Without sheer number, zombie isn't that scary! Just think about it, they are slow enough we can easy outmaneuver them with enough space!! Despite the occasional crazy human boss (what, four or five?), wave after wave of zombies are really the fun of the game.

Just admit this failure and move along with it...DR2 will still kick ass

Voiceofreason3576d ago

So do you also consider RE5 a failure for not having 100 zombies on screen at once? What about all the other RE games? Are they complete garbage now just so you can hate on Wii game?

mpmaley3577d ago

This game will suck. Nothing they say will change that.

Hurry up and get this out the door so you can stop being stupid about DR2 and announce it for PS3/360.

Kushan3577d ago

It was announced earlier today or yesterday.

rhood0223577d ago

No. Dead Rising is about a Photo Journalist getting trapped in a mall taking pictures (which isn't in the game) for a magazine and surviving a whole town of undead (which can't be done on the Wii) for three days uncovering why things are the way they are.

The "picking up and using everything as a weapon" is the everyman aspect of being trapped in a mall overwhelmed by hundreds of zombies and not being the stereotypical hero who carries a myriad of guns. It's not the point of the game but a means to survive it.

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