Return of the $339.99 PlayStation 3

Seriously? Sony is still pricing the PlayStation 3 at $400? That was fine when Blu-ray Disc players were selling for about the same price (the PS3 doubles as one), but now that you can snag a standalone player for as low as $150 (and an Xbox Arcade for $170), it's time for Sony to seriously rethink the PS3's price tag.

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wwedx3576d ago

not too cheap and not too much

TheExecutive3576d ago

I already have a ps3 (and 360) but I couldnt disagree more. I think this holiday seasons sells were a premise to my point. They need to drop it 100 bucks so more mainstream people buy the console.

I truly believe the only thing holding it back is the price. a 299 price tag is where they need to be this year.

The price now is great for what you get but many people arent willing to throw down the extra money to play on this machine. If the price lowers the sales will increase. However, sony is in a tough spot right now and lowering the price may be harder than we think. Which is why i think the price stayed the way it did through the holiday season. I suspect a drop around GDC but we shall see.

Doppy3576d ago

They need to advertise this better. How many people go to to see what deals they have on PS3's. They need to let people know here's the best deal for buying a new PS3, and not just gaming sites where people more than likely already own one. Post this everywhere you can, just like we did when the 360 hit $199.99 good sales for all the systems mean longer console life, and better games for all of us.

OOG3576d ago

to carry the same price for the PS3... is technically not right... considering like the headline says... Blu Ray players have gotten way cheaper.... So with a decrease in the price of the Blu Ray player and the ps3 staying at the same price..... That means that the value of buying a PS3 is decreasing more and more.....

but that doesnt hurt me since I already have one.... :P

Kushan3576d ago

There's no such thing as "not too cheap". "too cheap" would mean millions of PS3's selling overnight. Of course, Sony needs to make money somehow, which is why the PS3's price is still so high (I think they're still selling it at a loss), but if Sony could drop the price more, they would and they wouldn't care if you thought it was "too cheap", they want to make money after all.

GWAVE3576d ago

These articles are getting so old. The "bu bu bu but stand-alone Blu Ray players are down to $250 or less" is pointless. Anyone notice the "stand-alone" in that statement? The PS3 isn't a stand-alone Blu Ray player, so why should it be as cheap as one??

People don't complain about the 360 Elite being $350. Apparently $350 for a system without Blu Ray or built-in Wi-Fi is acceptable, but $50 extra for a system WITH Blu Ray and WITH built-in Wi-Fi is just TOTALLY unacceptable...

Torch3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Bubbles for summing it up oh-so-perfectly!

It boggles my mind as to the overwhelming number of individuals who possess such skewed perceptions; many of those critics are the same ones who wouldn't think twice about dropping no less than $400 for a measly f*cken cellphone.

Sarcasm3576d ago


The 360 elite is still $399.99

soooooo... you're post holds more weight than even you know


AAACE53576d ago

Right now Ps3's are priced at $360 at Circuit city. I am considering buying one now, but then again I wanna see if the price drops lower so I have extra cash for games and stuff. Plus, that rumor of the price dropping to $300 in a couple months is in the back of my head as well.

jammy_703576d ago

the price is right for what you get
-free online
-blue ray
but people dont realize this they just look at the price and think, "to much"
so really it needs a few £/$ off it then it'll sell like cheese!

SL1M DADDY3576d ago

That the 150 dollar BD player sucks balls and that the hardware for the 360 is still plagued with defects. All in all, you get what you pay for. If you want a combined package with quality written all over it, you buy the PS3. If you don't mind trading in your console for a new or refurbish one every so often and deal with a mediocre BD player then you go with the two piece package. I would go with quality over quantity.

FarEastOrient3576d ago

The price will not happen until after Final Fantasy VII Advent Children come out in Japan, so for those that are waiting for a price continue waiting. For those that want to play games like Killzone 2, buy the PS3 from Dell for $339 or from Sony for $260! For those of us that are in Asia we know how crazy sales will be for the month the FFVII special edition PS3 is going to be so Sony will be crazy to drop the price before that.

Trust me I'm one of the sheep trying to get one for myself...

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shqype3576d ago

When Sony lowers the price to $299.99 later this year, I think that will be the "sweet spot" price for the PS3.

But even at $400, it is definitely NOT overpriced. Worth every penny!

NipGrip3576d ago

The XBOX 360 that *almost* matches what the PS3 brings is also (drumroll) - $400.

XBOX 360 Elite

NO Bluray. NO Wireless. NO FREE ONLINE. Can't plug a 500 Gig HD in it for $100. RROD.

A $400 PS3 is a very nice investment for real gamers.

NaiNaiNai3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

LMFAO then why doesn't it sell to anyone. people don't want it, give up already. and stop trying to justify your waste of money.

NipGrip3576d ago

Oh that old bit again.. Man you sure are a tired old joke.

20 million consoles sold, 10 million per year isn't selling to anyone, eh?

Justifying what? It's the same price as an Elite with more features. Nothing to justify, it does that itself. Enjoy HD-DVD, ads on your dashboard, and paying for Live.

PataponKnight3576d ago

Nai why don't you stop trying to justify that you have a small brain, because you've already proven your point.

Snow3576d ago

*takes nai off ignore list*

*Reads comment & wonders why he's still in the gamer zone*

*puts back on ignore list*

TheExecutive3576d ago

ok, the 360 is a great addition to anyones gaming fun. Secondly, lol at your name and picture...

NaiNaiNai3576d ago

its funny you people use the elite for price but you say the 360 had a price drop when the ps3 is behind, im tired of the SDF double standards, i don't get how you people can sleep at night, your like a bunch of christians. you say. the 360 costs more, then why does it sell more, then the ps3 gets ahead in japan, and then lacks later, and you go, well the 360 had a price drop. T_T after you just said the 360 cost more, which is it, make up your minds, oh thats right you can't think, your heads are shoved to far ups sonys ass to even breath. don't worry you'll stop squarming soon and die. just like your console.

NipGrip3576d ago

Not sure I understand your "Christian" comment. You seem very angry about all of this. Maybe go outside. Get some air. Take a break from the internet.

PataponKnight3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Nai stop kidding yourself. You already know yours has already died like 5 or 6 times and still you keep coming back for more.

Liquid Snake3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

i though i might just tell everyone i just added that annoying b!tch NaiNaiNai to my ignore list.

Seriously i just don't get the PS3 hate and trolling from her/him/it. It boggles the mind.

aftrdark213576d ago

gotta love that ignore button!

trancefreak3576d ago

Nai why do you talk like POG In fact why do you talk at all.Why dont you take angry fanboyism next door >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>

Snow3576d ago

"you say the 360 costs more, then why does it sell more," -nai

Brace yourself kid,here comes a strong dose of reality.

PS3 outsold 360 for the entire year of 07.While being 100$ more expensive.Take a breath and stay with me..

PS3 outsold 360 for the majority of the year in 08 untilllll
*drumroll* the Price Cut !! ta da !! Nobody wanted the "elite" 360 over the PS3 while they were close in price.

But now that it's cheaper then the Wii it's picking up sales.
After a year & a half beating.

The "elite" 360's never outsold even the 600$ PS3's back in 07.
It's only the gimped consoles A.K.A the "Arcades" that are selling well.

duplissi3576d ago

so, um nai if you think "teh ps3 is DOOOMED" and hate it so much then why are you WASTING your time to comment on a ps3 article, its not like you will have anything to add to the discusion because its the same blind stubborn fanboy drivel that all of you closed minded fools spout. your comments dont take into account actual facts like how the ps3 sold more in its first two years than the xbox, and how for last year it had the highest rated exclusives? oh did you also forget that the xbox has had one year up on the ps3?

its not 2007 anymore bub.

and its not like the article was saying that the xbox was doomed, damn it was informing us about a good deal on the ps3 and thats a good thing.

ultimolu3576d ago

I truly feel sorry for Nai. :/

soxfan20053576d ago

So, if the PS3 begins outselling the 360 after Sony drops the price, 360 fanboys can just use your excuse in reverse - "360 was beating PS3 until - ta da - the price drop". Funny how PS3 fanboys think that the 360 taking the lead after a price drop is somehow meaningless, yet it would be the end of the world for MS if PS3 took the lead after a price drop.

pumpkinpunker3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

except it has no games.

sorry, every real gamer knows the games are on the 360. The casuals buy the Wii; the technophile casuals who like to watch movies more than games and/or show off buy the PS3; gamers buy the 360.

you also fail to mention that the elite has much more memory than the PS3 and better cables but you fanboys always do that. plus, PSN sucks balls compared to xbox live so people don't mind paying for a superior service.

PS3 = third place failure that doesn't sell games

don't forget that the bluray drive in the PS3 is slow and dated compared to the standalones you can buy these days for a fraction of the price. sony fanboys never mention this either.


Is cable wireless? No. So it's not a huge deal to run another wire to a gaming console hooked up to your TV, especially when wireless is less reliable even if I had wi-fi I would still use a cable. Wifi only makes sense for something portable like a laptop. that is why Sony is so stupid and in love with it's own useless technology and lost 3.5 billion dollars this business quarter.

jammy_703576d ago

it has no wifi so its $500 omg people love the 360 to much not to mention it! in some respects its MORE THAN the PS3!!!

duplissi3576d ago


how about you crawl back into that hole where u came from?
your fanboy rantings can go with you

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OhReginald3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

hey if its still selling good...theres no need for a price drop...yet. When Killzone 2 comes out the ps3 will sell WAY more then the xbox 360 (And probably the wii) for a decent period of time.

pumpkinpunker3576d ago

see you when the sales numbers come out. oh wait, no I won't because you'll be hiding in your mom's basement.

djroberts3576d ago

We know Sony needs to drop the price, this isn't news, stop approving this crap! Secondly, the PS3 is still a better deal than the 36+ a BRD player. Geez.

NipGrip3576d ago

He's comparing an Arcade unit, a joke of a console with no hard drive and no wireless + a bargain bin Bluray player to a PS3? Get real, that's an insult to people who purchase wise investments instead of just throwing money away on junk that is half supported or breaks down constantly.

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