Playstation 3 Consoles Tackle Black Hole Vibrations

Astronomers used Playstation 3 consoles to study black hole vibrations.

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jack who3551d ago

Because it's useless as a game system.

Snow3551d ago

And yet it plays the most technically impressive games,go figure huh?

mrdxpr23551d ago

his just angry cause he got nothign else to do ...and since the 360 cant run a good game even if it was running on all cylinders well he hates on the console with the best features

PoSTedUP3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

*work in progress*

grrr... how do i get a pic from my hard drive on N4G? i dont know how to use image shack.. i am a noob...

gametheory3551d ago

PS3 did this because it's useless? Could you at least use some logic for a change? Seriously, if the 360 tried to do this it would burn your house. Oh, let me guess... are you angry because you're waiting for your 5th 360 to arrive?

djtek1843551d ago

A little bitter aren't we?

fear883551d ago

Next time they can use the PS3s to figure out why the 360 overheats when trying to run games?

Cajun Chicken3551d ago

Submitting the article and saying that comment was hillarious and by the time I clicked on the Open Zone, it was like comic timing.

What's also funny is that what you said isn't AT ALL true, not in the slightest.


The shltbox manufactures people like jack-who .

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PoSTedUP3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

omg is there anything the ps3 cant do!? sh*t the last 2 year the ps3 has been doing everything for everybody yo lol.

damn sony, yall are f****** geniuses!

BrunoM3551d ago

Wow kinda kool.. i mean what us gamers can take out of these is the the Sony's Playstation is able to do some amazing computing and calculations .. that in turn for us gamers comes up as (killzone) games that have amazing look light well physics ..

so good to see that people see the PS3 as a way to do things that well they would have to use a Super Computer to do so ...

but ya nice that us gamers can take something out of it ... oo maibe they are just trying to see whats going to hapen wen God Of War 3 comes out lol....

Sarcasm3551d ago

Well the PS3 has been able to tackle a different hole named "Jenna Haze" before. So this one will be easy peasy.


meepmoopmeep3551d ago

the "PS3 Gravity Grid"


Carbide73551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Next up: PS3 saves the planet.

These things might as well be self-aware.

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