Killzone 2 Reviews Coming February 2 (Not Tomorrow)

Expect reviews of Killzone 2 from the established gaming sites on Monday next week (not tomorrow as has been reported) - explanation in the article.

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BladeSpain3554d ago

Sony confirms the embargo reviews begin tomorrow and Eurogamer confirme it.

MAR-TYR-DOM3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

We know this game is amazing, why worry about reviews people? Reviews only have one purpose and thats flaimbit. You should try the game yourself and formulate your own opinion. Like i have already, KZ2 beta was amazing, and i will buy it.

Lifendz3554d ago

we get to see who the fanboy sites are and who they aren't? Like we need confirmation of this at this point. I already know the game is awesome. I preordered it. I'm getting it. Reviews be damned.

Bubbles for anyone that's getting KZ2 on day one!

bassturd3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

eh I read review cuz it lets me read about the game I want but can't have yet.

Thus, easing the pain.

Of course Killzone 2 is a day 1 buy. Being released near 2 other games I want, Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5. HA! Those 2 games can wait...all my gaming is going to Killzone.

cayal3554d ago

"We know this game is amazing, why worry about reviews people?"

I'm not worried but I am curious about the scores. It won't change my mind about getting it, I've already bought it.

acedoh3554d ago

in the game... I haven't seen reviews come this early before. Most of the time the developers are a little afraid their product will get a average or poor review.

Killzone 2 will live up to the hype...

TheExecutive3554d ago

Europa my friends Europa. The review embargo ends tomorrow for europe and monday at 9am PST for the NA bros.

arika3554d ago

this coming monday feb.2, we will see who is going to be a fanboy reviewer and a good critic, because on that same day a lot of people including me, will be playing the demo. so we will see.

TheHater3553d ago

I am trying to get Killzone 2 couple of weeks before. I got SCIV two weeks before everyone else, and I hope to get this game weeks before everyone else :)

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Killzonegamer833554d ago

I just want to see eurogamer's review tommorow, Gamepro gave it a perfect 5/5 and Gamepro is very reliable and one of the top 3 review magazines in gaming. If Eurogamer gives this game a 9 or 10, that would be something

duplissi3554d ago

gamespot?! you trust that dump.....

tsk tsk

two words:
jeff gerstmann

bassturd3554d ago

where he say Gamespot ;/?

I wanna see Gametrailer's review. Just cuz I wanna see what kinda of BS they come up with to bash the game. But they are lazy as hell. Usually don't get reviews out till a week or more after the game is released.

PataponKnight3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Gamepro, not Gamespot. Dyslexic much o_O.

duplissi3554d ago

o_O oops

yep dyslexic i guess.

TheExecutive3554d ago

Eurogamer will not give it a 10. It may be a 9 but quite possibly an 8. That isnt a bad score considering that its Eurogamer. Anyway, they could give it a 2 for all i care.

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MainEv3nt 693554d ago

i think its the European embargo maybe the US is still February 2nd

leper6413554d ago

The Euro/UK embargo is Feb 2 next week. Only one Euro site goes live tomorrow (Eurogamer) the rest follow on Feb 2

callahan093554d ago

"Eurogamer's is going early as they've agreed an exclusive with the publisher"

If this is true, then I think we can expect a big ol' 10 out of 10 tomorrow.

leper6413554d ago

Er, maybe if it was IGN or Future

Eurogamer's scores are trusted

Bigrhyno3554d ago

I expect a high score. I doubt Sony would allow Eurogamer to get an exclusive review if they didn't know it was a good review.

callahan093554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Do you have any idea what you're talking about, Leper? No review source is trusted. If a company's got an embargo out, and gives permission to a single source to break that embargo as an "exclusive" review, you can bet your ass that means their review is glowing. If you haven't figured that out yet, then I don't know what else to say to you. Oh, and by the way, I'm not saying that they gave it a good review because of any kind of bribery or encouragement from Sony gifts or whatever. I'm just saying that they probably gave the game a glowing review, because Sony must have read it early and decided, "Yeah, we like what they have to say for our game, we'll let them go ahead with it early and give them the exclusive."

IzKyD13313554d ago

"Eurogamer's scores are trusted"

The same eurogamer that gave MGS4 an 8/10?

leper6413554d ago

callahan09: Nonsense. I know the people involved and what you are saying is not the case. The publisher does not get to see what the site is going to say before granting the exclusives. It does happen - but Eurogamer doesn't play that game. It's an independent site, not owned by a large media company, and it's the large media companies who are happy to play these tricks. Sony UK's PR department is also clean, compared to some other publishers whose tactics in the past have been exposed for this sort of bribery. It would be better for you to know a thing or two about the specifics and who's who of this sweeping claim before ranting off about it. Believe it or not, it really doesn't matter to me.

Aclay3554d ago

Hmmmm..... I'm not sure about a 10/10 from Eurogamer, but if Eurogamer gave Resistance 2 a 9/10, I expect them to give Killzone 2 the same score.

I would say that I expect them to give KZ2 a higher score than R2, but since Eurogamer doesn't review in half point increments and I just don't see them giving it a 10/10, I expect the review to be a 9 because I really just don't see how a reviewer could rate KZ2 lower than R2.

TheExecutive3554d ago

Yes, the same guys who gave MGS4 an 8/10. MGS4 was and still is the defining experience on any console this generation for me. However, an 8/10 is nothing to sneeze at. We need to get over this BS about how it needs to be a 9 or 10 and still be a great game. I may not agree with the score but its not like they gave it a 6 or something. Its a minor quible of opinion from an 8 to a 9. (its the only game i would give a 9.9 to this generation)

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