New White Knight Chronicles Content In Japan Tomorrow

Recently announced to be headed towards North America, Level-5 has informed us that additional content for White Knight Chronicles will be available in Japan tomorrow.

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theusedfake3577d ago

Maybe they should focus on releasing the game in the rest of
the world before releasing "extra" stuff.

GCO Gamer3577d ago

Yeah they should, but what can we do...

theusedfake3577d ago

well, complain I guess lol
though it won't do any good ;)

PixlSheX3576d ago

Maybe they release WKC with all it's extras in the rest of the world. It can't be bad, isn't it?

callahan093576d ago

Yeah, they did this with Rogue Galaxy on PS2. They changed it a good deal and added tons of stuff to it and never released it in America until after all that had been done. But when they did release it, we got it all.

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Vagrant_13577d ago

Ya I would they would atleast give us a projected time about release or something besides saying it's coming

GCO Gamer3577d ago

It's coming but they just need to get somethings right before release state side.

kewlkat0073577d ago

have we gotten the game out in other areas yet?

GCO Gamer3577d ago

Nope. Not in the states as yet.

Tidus113577d ago

it will probably release in north america any where from 4-7 months, It takes some time to localize RPGs

Sarick3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

"they also say that the pack is completely free"

This is awesome news, at least it's not a nickle and dime DLC.

GCO Gamer3577d ago

Yep.We needed this free stuff but can't wait for it to come state side.

meepmoopmeep3576d ago

free is goooot.

i hope they finish localizing this game and ship it westward soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.