Killzone 2 Coming To Bravo

Playr, the video game TV show on Bravo is dedicating a whole 30 minute program to the forthcoming massively anticipated Killzone 2 this coming weekend.

Filmed entirely on location at Guerilla Games in Amsterdam, the 30 minute TV spectacular will reportedly feature never before seen multiplayer maps, new single player campaign, brand new vehicles and game features such as automatic sentry turrets, and a complete illustration of the game's 6 character classes.

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omodis4203552d ago

I called that. Super bowl marks kick off for the advertising blitz.

Blademask3552d ago

Who watches Bravo though? God Sony, do something right for once.
Thats like a KZ2 special on Lifetime.

omodis4203552d ago

A lot of their target audience watches Bravo. All those hipsters have to watch something.

MAR-TYR-DOM3552d ago

they are definitely not advertising during the superbowl. We would have heard about it already. All superbowl commercials for this year can be found on the internet. Nothing from Sony this year, let alone video game related. Tough Economic times are hampering a lot of companies' financial abilities.

SAiOSiN3552d ago


wtf are people disagreeing with you??? lol.

JHUX3552d ago

Well I for one watch life time, and am offended he would assume that gamers can't enjoy Lifetime.

/sarcasm...I didn't disagree I don't know why someone did unless it was the reasons above? :D

Sarcasm3552d ago

Anything with

"Brand new, never before seen footage!"

I will skip.


Megaton3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Bravo? Seriously?

Yeah Sony, Project Runway viewers are just dying for some Killzone 2 action, that'll move units for sure.

resistance1003552d ago


I suspect this isn't just Sony. Playr know Killzone 2 is big so they will focus on that anyway, but sony is more than willing to provide some content for the show.

Still the more coverage the game gets the better

blackpanther253552d ago

large amounts of Law and Order episodes. I usually watch Bravo for that.

jammy_703551d ago

and if i miss then ondemand! YEAH BABY!!!!

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MGOelite3552d ago

i useualy dont wake up sataday morning till about 3PM but im gonna have to at 9AM, ffs cant go out friday but probably worth it

San anto3552d ago

Man get destroyed friday wake up late saturday, and watch the repeat on bravo on sunday at 11am ish XD

Spike473552d ago

It would be nice to see K2 on MTV as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.