Swiffs Rant - Sony Disappointment | Sony could of had Call Of Duty 4 as an exlusive? Swiffs Rant is a weekly show on The Koalition where Swiff rants about various issues in gaming.

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- Sony says no Backward Compatibility
- Sony declines COD as an exclusive
- Sony Spits out the dummy
- Ign gets put on blast

Note: I apologize for some mistakes I made in the video such as mentioning the makers of white knight as Level 1 instead of Level 5, please excuse me as I was suffering from a cold so my focus this week was off.

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TheHater3554d ago

He can't swallow? WTF :)

Pennywise3553d ago

We got ourselves a spitter!

Qdog3553d ago

"We will not pay for exclusives, if developers want to make a better game on our console, then they are free to do so."- I think it was Tretton or Harrison that said this.

PS3MAN853553d ago

But didn't Sony also say that the PS3 would have backwards compatibility, a simultaneous world-wide launch, and only have one SKU. LOL!!

Bathyj3553d ago

Didn't Bill Gates say Halo 3 would launch when PS3 launched?

Whats your point?

jib3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

i think you missed the point even if he is a fanboy. he was just tryna say that you can't fully trust everything sony says(again, not to say that you can trust everything MS says)

PS3MAN853553d ago

I'm not trying to be a fanboy but I'm just saying is that each company has said things that they've never really followed through on and we can't always take Executives for their word all the time.

Bathyj3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Ok, fair enough, I admire you candor.

But in fairness Sony did put BC in, and only took it out in response to what fans really wanted, a price drop.

Aside from BC and memory card readers PS3 is basically one SKU given the fact the functionality on all systems is the same. Theres no model without a HDD, or without HDMI, splitting their own market into factions.

As for the world wide launch I cant remember if that was the plan ever, but since I dont know I wont argue and take your word for it. All I can say is, this is the games industry and things get delayed all the time. They were developing new hardware in BluRay and it took longer than anticipated. Most would agree we're glad its here now, so it was worth it.

Finally, to the original point, I think Sony have already demonstrated they dont buy exclusives, they could have bought GTA if they wanted to. Thats documented. They would rather anyone who wants to make exclusives like Quantic Dream, come under their umbrella as publisher and enjoy the finacial and technological support that comes with it. Even though they're own by Sony I'll use Guerilla as an example. They said being with Sony has enabled them to grow and keep the team they want together without people coming and going so much. They see themselves as a family and that stability is important to them and the finished product. Thats not verbatim, its the gist of what I remember. IGN's interview #2 I believe if youre interested.

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brycespitler3554d ago

but i gotta know... was call of duty 4 really offered as a ps3 exclusive
and if so, the ceo of sony should be kicked in the balls for not paying for it.
i guarentee their sales would be massive compared to what they are

fanboys dont disagree with me. if u check my past comments you can tell i love my ps3 but thats just straight up retarded.

snipermk03554d ago

agreed. But, then again.. I don't think COD4 was offered as a PS3 exclusive.

El_Colombiano3554d ago

Pleeease, do you think Activision would pass up on the leading user base of the 360 back in 2007? Nope. Not a chance. This game was never offered an an exclusive. Plus, the franchise started on PC, so if ANYTHING COD4 was going to be PC exclusive.

farhsa20083553d ago

erm... no way was it offered as an exclusive to sony, do you think activision would pass up on all that money? Third party exclusives are a thing of the past now.

PixlSheX3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Infinite ward, exclusive? Ha.

jkhan3553d ago

Heres a review of COD4 if it was a PS3 exclusive.
-Short Single Player Campaign.
-No Coop
-Story not as good as BioShock
-Multiplayer is not as good as Halo 3.
-Scripted as hell.
-Dumb/scripted enemy AI
-Not based in WWII.

score 7/10.


PixlSheX3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

You forgot:

-Is not innovative. Is just one shooter as good as the rest.

MURKERR3553d ago

i actually believe thats what would have happened, fanboy media theres nothing worse

SL1M DADDY3553d ago

That COD4 exclusive to the PS3 would have made it "too gamy"...

Can't recall the title that some review said that about but it was at that point where any credibility that game journalists still had with me was lost.

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