Hoodies take over Home

PlayStation Home hasn't been around for too long but it's already attracting the wrong sort of crowd.
Sony Computer Entertainment America's published a load of new PSN stats which reveal that, aside from sex pests doing the running man, Home's also populated by loads of hoodies - you know, the ones that scare your gran.

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Spike473576d ago

My sis told me that the pervs are just funny to reject but she never mentions anything about that when she logs in on Home. She just chats with her other friend for an hour and then leaves.

SSCOOLCHEA3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

And they will leave you alone . Most of those fools do it because they think there funny .

It's funny how they don't have anything bad to say about home because they know the content thats coming in the next few weeks . To come up with some lame azz story azz this . I see people in home actually having conversation and interacting with each other . Home is what you make it our to be and if your not social don't even bother because in real life you dont have friends anyways .

FarEastOrient3576d ago

I'm sorry to say this, but can someone from the west explain to me what is a "hoody?"

EastCoastSB3576d ago

It's just a hooded sweatshirt

LoVeRSaMa3576d ago

Hoddies cannot possibly be in fashion, people must buy them purely to cause Trouble in Home right?


andyo133576d ago

is britains slang for the groups of people that vandelise. f*cking pussies they are. they think they luk tough but they luk like poofters compared to nz's group of gangs, our gangs have muscle and hair and are bigger than u

rockleex3576d ago

Is just like in real life.

But sadly there are people who can't socialize in real life OR in virtual worlds. -_-"

There are also lots of girls in Home. You can tell whether they're really a girl or not by the way they talk, their topics of conversation, how they joke or flirt, etc. Anyone who spends enough time with girls in real life would know the difference between girls and guys pretending to be girls in Home. ^_^

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chasegamez23576d ago

more sony hate
somebody 360 must have RROD

OSIRUSSS3576d ago

HAHA!! you talk about RRoD like its a Rash or somthing.

duplissi3576d ago

"I just got rrod man it sucks bad."

"have you tried vaseline?"


Snow3576d ago

The title is's not talking about some sort of "Hoods" gang or anything.Just that the hooded shirt is the most downloaded item in Home.

Zeevious3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Home has an easy, powerful, ZERO TOLERANCE policy on this.

It's simple, and the menu is there anytime you need it, at the press of ONE BUTTON :

Press "SELECT" to Block & Report anyone bothering you.

Why do people feel compelled to Sensationalize, Mislead or outright Lie about this stuff?
"Hoodies take over Home" says it all.

Please, keep your hits where they belong...Read it here:


According to Sony, hooded tops are Home's most downloaded item (see what we did there?!) followed by Resident Evil Degeneration G-Virus t-shirts and summer houses.


Don't reward this nonsense with hits.

Cajun Chicken3576d ago


They won't last too long, theres no newsagents in Home.

deividpaulo3576d ago

there`s no pedo in HOME like there is in LIVE...

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