Microsoft's New Greed: DLC

The words Downloadable Content were never even a thought in gamers minds until Microsoft brought us the innovation as a way to further enhance the games that people love to invest so much time into. So let me be the first to say "thank you Microsoft".

Let me also be the first to say "kiss my ass Microsoft".

The new sudden onslaught of games offering bonus content is staggering. Everything from new weapons, clothes, to courses, arenas etc. The list just goes on and on. Most of it is crap. Plain and simple selling clothes and cars etc. is just a way to cash in on a games popularity amongst gamers who purchase the games. So this is all fair and no secret. Fair enough. What's not fair is Microsoft and certain 3rd party developers deciding to have DLC done and ready to go at the time of the games release.

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omodis4203550d ago

Good read. I'm still buying the levels for Bioshock though.

littletad3550d ago

A pointless read? Sure there are some pretty sleazy tactics publishers and developers use to get more money out of us. But there's also a good side to the whole DLC. Continuation of a great game through more content is a great idea, if the game is really good and the content worth it. Not only that but before DLC, most games were shipped with bugs or glitches and that was the end of it. Unless it was a pc game, there were no fixes or updates. DLC along with the network community changed all that.

LoVeRSaMa3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I have a hard enough time buying the games, I hate paying for something thats not "Real", I will NEVER buy DLC.

cayal3549d ago

This just in...I don't give a f*** about DLC.

0verdrive3549d ago

i used to get pissed off about not getting dlc, being a ps3 only owner, especially because we didnt get the fallout3 dlc. but after seeing the impressions about the first fallout dlc, i have concluded that dlc is nothing more than a cheap marketing scam aimed at making people purchase the 360 version of the game. i was excited to hear that mirrors edge was getting ps3 exclusive content, but that has ended up to be pretty insignificant, similar to pretty much any and all dlc that has released for ANY game, ever. im not criticizing the logic behind this, as it does seem to pull game sales in one the favor of the company with dlc, but i personally have given up on dlc. unless the upcoming gta dlc blows me away, im going to have to say that dlc in general is just afterthoughts to the finishe product, meager in content, and just plain dumb. really the only dlc i actually feel was worth the buy was the mgs pack for lbp. other than that ive yet to see a good dlc that was worth the money.

rockleex3549d ago

For awhile now. O_o

Microsoft did not "invent" DLC. -_-"

Although I am tired of the majority of pointless DLC. Oh well, developers will learn over time what kind of DLC works, and when it should be free.

FarEastOrient3549d ago

Horse armor is the one that started this mess not Microsoft!

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oriol0033550d ago

Why does everyone complain is it because they are jealous of the amazing live sysmte Microsoft has provided for us?

tnkGODimATHEIST3550d ago

no it doesn't its garbage I have it myself

omodis4203550d ago

You know you bought an xbox and pretend its a PS3

Helghast Slayer3550d ago

Oi looser. MicroSCUM started this DLC nonesense by using a last gen dvd format for a so called "NEXT GEN" console. The lack of space is the reason devs can't fit or choose not to incorporate the DLC into the full retail game.

Since most games are lead on the 360 the ps3 has to suffer the same fate because all it gets is 360 ports. So yeah you can thank M$ for the innovation of ruining the gaming industry with their devilish tactics.

ultimolu3550d ago

...You spelled system wrong.

And I don't see who's jealous of anything when the competition offers it for free.

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Creep3550d ago

no it's because taht's what MS does they sell half the game with chunks taken out then sells them to u as DLC but idiots buy it anyways so they make a deal with 3rd party developers to hurt the competition "so they say" but in the end their just in it to make a couple of buck for example the gears of war 2 three maps they realease not to long ago which are lame ass maps that should of been on the final build of the game for 10 bucks plz!!! it's just a redone of an old map ant two news only a dumbass would buy or some stupid kid

ASSASSYN 36o3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Let me get this right. Agreeing with this article means you sony nuts and even MS nuts have no intrests what so ever in DLC ms or sony? And since when was anything about DLC new?

Just because the frequency of it has increased this nut has a problem. And I tried to find where DLC was forced upon you. It is optional. The crave people have for it is apparently a problem for some people.

And I am sure the logistics for launching a game are demanding on publishers and developers. I can wait a couple of months for DLC for some games. (Fable and Fallout).

This fool should try to launch a game in a global recession then pump out DLC the same day and see how effective his delivery is.

And yes I think MS, sony, and developers are doing fine with DLC. Carry on!

dragunrising3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Agreed, another whine and complain article. I wish the title was different; typical flamebait. The article itself names PC, 360 & PS3 as being a DLC problem. Gears of War 2 is the most outrageous...I agree, although until we start boycotting the content, there will be more cheap DLC. If dev/pubs supported their games with free DLC for a few months, it might be worth actually putting down money for DLC in the future. Burnout Paradise is the best example I can think of. I bought the game for $21 new, however the game still has unreleased free and pay DLC. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

omodis4203549d ago

I love you WHY dis. You are my arch nemesis on N4G. Everyone shun me. Didn't you tell everyone not to approve articles I post? Oh yea wait... You can't see who is posting articles. Looks like you are stuck with me. Remember man its like I told you yesterday. No hate all love. Or something like that. I was kinda blazed.