Was the First Internet User a Noob?

Great question with a funny answer - from gameplayer

"But -- hear us out -- that simply isn't possible. Because the very first person to use the internet was, by definition, the person who invented it. And, by definition, such a masterful computer scientist could hardly be thought of as a rank amateur."

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No FanS Land3577d ago

perhaps not but the first guy (forgot his name) to create the internet browser is a noob. He didn't mind patenting it and now he could have been one of the richest guys in the world.... ...but no.

Sucks2BU3576d ago

Far out, what a mega mistake. I am already so annoyed that when I was first on the Net as a kid in the early nineties I did not register heaps of smart domain names.

I read a story about a guy who registered in the first days of the Net cause he was a big fan and the record label ended up having to pay him millions for it down the track.

No FanS Land3576d ago

just like a certain country where the domain letters happened to be " TV ". If I'm not mistaken, the USA ended up paying loads of cash to this country so they could create websites .

SlappingOysters3577d ago

The answer is the second guy to use the Net. Although the story in the article is far funnier, especially the Dr. Who joke - LMAO

SlappingOysters3577d ago

you seem to write english just fine

Sucks2BU3576d ago

anyone who likes the Wii

KrazyFace3576d ago

The TURDIS! That was a nice little article, this is why we have this technology, to rip the sh*t out of eachother then read about it and laugh. God bless the interweb.

Capt CHAOS3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Who knew the ins and outs of everything computer related. Infact when they used the keyboards, they were so saintly with all things computers, their hands floated inches above their keyboard.

I'd know because I'm THAT old. ;-)

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