Square Enix Won't Let Us Show You Their [Final Fantasy XIII] Trailers

Blend Games writes:

"Because of legal complications we're not able to go into full details here, but you should know that Blend Games will no longer cover Square Enix game trailers. Not because we don't want to, but because they won't let us. All we can say is that our recent coverage of Final Fantasy XIII was not something that Square Enix wanted. It wasn't anything we said, they simply didn't want us showing you their trailer. At all. We were forced to remove the video which, in fact, we didn't have anyway since we were merely pointing to the trailer on YouTube, where you can still view it. Square Enix doesn't care, bottom line, they don't want us sharing their trailers with all of you."

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Sarick4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Your trailers are advertisements so as a developer you don't want to hype your product or do you? I really don't see why they'd want this to be kept in the dark it looked cool to me.

Maybe it's not finished yet or they want to cause more pre-hype. To late it's out there.

cyguration4208d ago

That's my sentiments too. Why would Square screw their own game over? Especially when compared to how many other sites out there have trailers for this game.

Seems like they just wanted to bully around some people because they can.

chaosatom4208d ago

that's why they wanted to keep the hype low, really low.

duplissi4207d ago

chaos tom

then i say we better start spreading those trailers around then eh?

cause i dont know about you but im still a little pissed about it being delayed even though it will have been finished for a while before we get it

GameGambits4207d ago

Adam Sessler on X-Play was actually mad about this enough to say something around the lines of,"Square Enix why not join us in the 21st century, and when you do try and bring a good game with you." Lol pretty big burn coming from a middle age creepy balding guy.

He does have a point though, because SE is slowly losing their grip on fans. You can only remake your classics so many times and putting out poor two new IP's before we realize why your president left you. (I liked Last Remnant a lot though, but nowhere near other SE classics)

With that said I'm really really really looking forward to Star Ocean 4 next month. 3 killed the series with me when the story line leads into telling you the whole game series is just a giant videogame. (i.e Matrix rip off)

If SO4 sucks, then my hopes for FF13 will be unexistant. =/

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Fullish4208d ago

That's an odd way to treat your fans.

TheHater4208d ago

Do Square Enix care about their fans anymore? Anyone that played LR can clearly notice that game need a lot more development time. It seem that they just rush the game out for Christmas for sales instead of release a quality product

lord_of_balrogs4208d ago

Blend Games is overreacting, they can provide the link for the trailer, is it really that hard to click a link that sends you over to the FF13 site?

SupaPlaya4208d ago

that the game is really going to use the full power of the PS3 before it gets ported like SE had claimed, but you really can't trust PR these days. I find it hard to believe that SE hasn't started working on the 360 when they announced that XIII will be on the 360 as well. These kind of deals' has got to be a while in the making, not a last minute type thing I believe.

Good news for the people who can't afford to get a PS3 to play this game though, this game part of the reason I bought a PS3.

Strife Lives4208d ago

then make us gobble every bit of info they dangle over our heads.

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The story is too old to be commented.