Apple vs. Palm: the in-depth analysis

Apple and Palm kicked a lot of dirt at each other last week -- acting Apple CEO Tim Cook flatly told analysts that "We will not stand for people ripping off our IP" when asked specifically about competition like the Palm Pre, and Palm responded with a similarly-explicit "We have the tools necessary to defend ourselves." At issue, of course, is that the Pre employs a multitouch screen and gestures almost exactly like those made famous on the iPhone -- and if you'll recall, Steve Jobs introduced multitouch on the iPhone with a slide reading "Patented!" To top it all off, the past few days have seen a number of media outlets proclaim that Apple's been awarded a "multitouch patent" without so much as a shred of analysis, instead hyping up a supposed future conflict

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Yo Mama3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Great well written article.

Palm isn't the only one infringing upon copyrights.

Apple has ripped off a few Palm patents too.

Besides, competition for the iPhone is a good thing. Apple has been resting on it's laurels counting cash for quite some time. How can a phone that sells for $600 still not have MMS?! The simplest phones have that nowadays.

If the iPhone still doesn't have it by the time the Pre launches, and there isn't a better phone available, I'm ditching my iPhone.

dericb113577d ago

My first time seeing the Palm Pre in action. I see why Apple is scared of this now. Its pretty much everything the G1 and Blackberry Storm should have been. If it makes it out in time then Sprint and that $99 Plan will be the best thing for cell phones for a while.