IGN: Nintendo DSiWare Hands-On

One of the most significant features of the Nintendo DSi system – the updated handheld that's been in Japan since October 2008 – is its ability to, like the Nintendo Wii system, connect to an online-only shop and give players the ability to spend money on download-exclusive product.

To entice users to get online, Nintendo awards DSi owners with 1000 Nintendo points when they first log onto the DSi store. These points can be spent any way the user wants, but to refill their account they'll have to either buy a card from a game store and enter in the code, or use a Visa or Mastercard to purchase points right from the store's touch screen interface.

January 28 marks the second wave of games and product to hit the online shop. Eight software products were released today, and IGN spent about 4000 Nintendo points downloading and playing the entire lot.

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