Games for Lunch Review: Closure

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 After seeing three separate recommendations for this game in as many days, I decided I had to try it out. That said, I still don't really know what the game is about, despite some rather vague explanations, so I'm going in largely blind. If you want to do the same, might I recommend hitting the "Official Web site" link before reading any further.

0:01 This minute spent on a loading screen with a creepy heartbeat and a system of arteries and veins filling up with blood to represent the loading progress.

0:02 The scene is rendered in extremely sketchy black and white. It looks like I'm a guy hold a ball drawn in chalk. Above me, a sign with an arrow pointing right. Behind me, a car crashed into a tree on fire. In front of me, inky blackness. Let's DO THIS!"

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