Crispy Gamer: Outlook 2009: Brütal Legend

Crispy Gamer writes:

"Tim Schaefer and Jack Black promise a hilarious heavy metal adventure. Will the game be as fun as it is funny?

Gus Mastrapa: Two things you can guarantee about Brütal Legend: It'll be funny and have a great soundtrack. Whether it will be fun to play is another matter entirely. As much affection as I have for Psychonauts, I wasn't too thrilled with all the videogame business you were expected to engage in. I'm pretty sure the game used every single button on the Xbox controller. So please, Double Fine, take your time and make Brütal Legend super-fun to play. I'm coming for the metal and the laughs -- give me some action that'll make we want to stick around."

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Cajun Chicken3577d ago

1. Prototype
2. Dark Void
3. BL ^
4. Eat Lead

TheBand1t3577d ago

I'm getting this. Tim Schaefer is a phucking god.