IGN: Prince of Persia Epilogue DLC Revealed

IGN spoke with Jamal Rguigui, Associate Producer for the Epilogue DLC, about the upcoming expansion. They learned a great deal about the adjustments being made to Prince of Persia to add some challenge, Elika's new "Energize" power, and learn about the return of someone people all thought was dead.

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theusedfake3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Loved the game, can't wait to give this a try.

Ratchet_Co3576d ago

Awesome! I had a lot of fun with this game can't wait for the DLC.

Havocmak3r3576d ago

Loved the game. Loved the ending. I couldn't wait for a sequel but now with this sequel dlc so, this is great news! It's awesome that new trophies are added too because I loved getting the trophies in the game and have 100% and would love to get these new ones! Hopefully this dlc keeps a trend for a episodic content arc!

Definitely going to buy, one thing though,

Release is on Feb. 26, that's day before KILLZONE 2!

No way I can beat the whole dlc and get all the trophies in one day.

So I guess I will have to wait till the summer! Not a problem!

jkoz3576d ago

That's a surprise, wasn't expecting to see any more Prince of Persia until the next game... hope this doesn't make them think they can wrap up the story in the DLC (which I doubt they will) but it will sure be interesting. I want to know how long it'll be...

Eamon3575d ago

I wouldn't mind getting this. Prince of Persia was an amazing game. The ending was both amazing and annoying since all that hard work of restoring the light became useless.

Anyway, I hope the length of the DLC won't be too short. Since the original game took about 8 hours to beat, I'm hoping the DLC will take around 4 hours minimum