Another voice joins the "games as art" debate

John Lanchester from the London Review of Books has posted a lengthy essay on the subject of video games titled "Is it art?" This is a topic that has been visited numerous times by numerous writers, and thinkers, along with thousands of folks on message board posts over the years, but that shouldn't diminish how interesting this particular essay is. "There is no other medium that produces so pure a cultural segregation as video games," writes Lanchester. "Books, films, TV, dance, theatre, music, painting, photography, sculpture, all have publics which either are or aren't interested in them, but at least know that these forms exist, that things happen in them in which people who are interested in them are interested. They are all part of our current cultural discourse. Video games aren't. Video games have people who play them, and a wider public for whom they simply don't exist. (The exceptions come in the form of occasional tabloid horror stories, always about a disturbed youth who was 'inspired' to do something terrible by a video game.) Their invisibility is interesting in itself, and also allows interesting things to happen in games under the cultural radar."

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