Top 3 best Xbox 360 games

These games are said to be the reason why Xbox 360 is doing relatively well in the market. Because of these games, the popularity of the Xbox 360 is reaffirmed as many gamers continue to play their games.

Gen Digi takes a closer look into the 3 best Xbox 360 games that got the console moving and shaking.

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Parapraxis3554d ago

Not trying to troll...but only 1 of those games is a console exclusive.
There's more to it.
MS has made the 360 a success by having a very attractive price point and a strong online service. Add to that a great library of games which, while mostly available on the competition is still on the 360 none-the-less, and it's understandable why many consumers pick the 360.

ASSASSYN 36o3554d ago

I really don't see the point why you had to state that only one game was a console exclusive. The point was these were the top games not top exclusive games on the 360.

the1truelegend3554d ago

I definitely agree with what you said. The point though is that these are the games that propelled the Xbox 360 to where it is. Bioshock was exclusive to the 360 at one point, Oblivion was a very important launch title as well. During those times, there was no price cut.

Parapraxis3554d ago

ASSASSYN 36o, I know all 3 of those games were initally exclusives, i'm just pointing out that now the 360 is still selling great.
It's been about price and online for the 360 since the get-go.