MCV: UK games market to overtake Japan in '09

MCV predicts that the UK will become the world's second biggest video games market by the end of the year

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Cajun Chicken3643d ago

SCEE, take note...who should you be paying attention to a little bit more again?...

360 man3643d ago

wow the uk market bigger than the japanese market and with half the population

and dominated by microsoft


PirateThom3643d ago

Dominated by Nintendo, you mean.

lelo3643d ago

"UK games market to overtake Japan in '09"

I think it's a good sign ... Japanese market lately sells more crap then anything else. Good games normally don't sell that well in Japan.

Cyber Gamer3643d ago

your dead wrong uk people love ps lets say ps is like louis vuitton and xbox is like Primark uk people tend to go for good product not cheap product that goes dead after playing few hours straight am not hating its a fact lol

360 man3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

mate i live in the uk and all the game shops ive been to 360 is by far the most popular.

so how am i dead wrong

i never said ps3 werent selling i just practically said 360 is just more dominant

Cajun Chicken3643d ago

PS3s shelves are rapidly growing in Gamestation and Game in previous months. Its become a lot easier to shop for PS3 titles outside now, but I still prefer online due to the cheaper price and getting delivered to my door.

And the fact that due to the few years 360 does have more secondhand titles and on the whole a larger library and the PS3 is generally, more expensive and has less choices of SKUs, so of course multiplats would of sold more on 360 in the UK, thats just common logic.

Wait for a (significent) price cut of the PS3 and see equality between PS3 and 360 sales progress.