Mediocre Evil 5?

Resident Evil 5 has always been survivor horror game. In this case, you can call the game unfair.

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Chris3993552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Especially the part about how your character moves like a tank. And not in a scary, armored menacing sorta way, more like a giant piece of metal cumbersomely dragging itself.

The aiming and control scheme isn't the greatest either. And he's bang on about the lack of interactivity (and detail) in the environments. Character models are nice, mind you; but the lips have that "Godzilla", out-of-synch movement that isn't so nice.

Next-gen, this ain't. Switching my pre-order to something else and I'll wait for the reviews (user/ forum, not "critics").

chaosatom3552d ago

If story or story progression doesn't live up, then i'll will rent it.

although i am still hoping for a Alternative control schemes.

jwatt3552d ago

I personaly don't care that it's not scary I just don't like the standing still while shooting but you'll get use to it. What really got me interested in the game is the co-op play when I played with my brother. It was pretty cool playing together sharing ammo and watching each other's back. If it wasn't for the co-op I wouldn't be as interested.

sonarus3552d ago

ppl are pissed that its abandoning its dark tone for broad day light third person action shooter.

It probably isn't a bad game i haven't played it myself but i think everyone expected a masterpiece like RE4. Fans of the series may be disappointed at the removal of horror while new players will be irritated with the last gen controls.

In the end it will be a hate it or love it game

kevoncox3552d ago

I don't know why people hate this game...
It's great.
People, resident evil is all about it's slower pace. Could you imagine what the game would be like if you could shoot and move at the same time. People would be playing it like Max Payne...

I think the only reason this game isn't scarier is becuase it takes place in the daytime. Also you have to remember that as graphics get better, the less realistic they become. I hope there are some daytime levels.

shovelbum3552d ago

I must say that I agree with everything the writer had to say. It's a shame that simple things that could make a game great vs. a battle of frustration seem to often be overlooked by developers (FC2 almost instantaneously checkpoint respawns come to mind). I am hoping that the shooting/inventory will be changed but I highly doubt that to be true at this point. I dig the online co-op though.

Giriath3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I don't really care for it not being scary, but as for moving like a tank and having to stop all the thanks. I think I would probably be more frustrated with it than I would be enjoying it, especially after getting used to the seamless and incredibly fluid TPS action of Uncharted.

Uncharted took the usual over-the-shoulder gunplay, cover and platforming elements and made them more seamless, fluid and easier on the player than that of any other. And then they finished that of with their own run-and-gun and melee combat. I cannot wait to see all of this refined in Uncharted 2, complete with the new climb-everywhere and stealth features. *drool*

dragunrising3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I wouldn't get too down on this game precisely because it is not done yet. For most games, its a gamble to release a beta, period (cough...Too Human...cough). It is commendable that Capcom even gave us a demo. As for the people that don't like it...its different, that's for sure. If you liked Resident Evil 4, you can have the same controls. If you don't like the controls, there are 3 different configurations. The biggest gripe is that you can't move while you aim; maybe it will change. Capcom isn't above changing the controls. Remember that Lost Planet was released in two different versions. Original and Lost Colonies. In colonies you could use a FPS control scheme. I'm sure its not hard to implement shooting and walking. As for the graphics, last gen engine in a next gen game. The game is gorgeous though and should be appreciated for its visuals...if not weird physics. All I'm trying to say is don't write the game off. If you completely dislike the controls, wait for the eventual port to Wii 2/HD with waggle :-p

mal_tez923552d ago

I completely agree with what you said about Uncharted, tthe perfect controls for a trid person shooter. Gears of War comes in at second because the locked camera angle when not in cover makes movement and melee combat very fiddly.
RE5 should have Uncharted controls

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Cajun Chicken3552d ago

I have a better pun name for this title.

"Residue Evil"

Just a friendly gag, folks.

LTC3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

"The first thing you notice in Resident Evil 5 is how good the graphics look, no, its not touching Killzone 2 graphically, but it’s definitely a monster when it comes down to that."

Obviously the graphics dont touch KZ2 its multiplatform. It does look good for a mult-plat game though. Would have been Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 quality had it have been PS3 exclusive.

chidori6663552d ago

only graphics no make one game good...

NegativeCreep4273552d ago

But despite the fact that I am hoping for the best when it comes to RE5, if it ends up a huge disappointment it won't really faze me because The PS3 has the best game of this generation, Killzone 2 coming in just 30 days.

The delusional xbots (who say such outrageously stupid things as "Killzone 2 looks like an Atari Jaguar game. PS3 is inferior tech. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!) will be butt-hurt the most if RE5 fails.

NaiNaiNai3552d ago

yep lets all go back to the old camera around the corner RE 1-2-3 style.

i actually played the game, and i have to say its amazing, it plays like RE4 but with the little tweaks. to many people want massive improvements in games. heres a FYI. its the first RE on a real nextgen system. it still looks better then any other title in the same timeline. except KZ2, but then again, we wont see another game that good in what, 4-5 years.

Jinxstar3552d ago

God of War 3 will be on par with KZ2.

Panipal20053552d ago

Heavy Rain will top KZ2, it already has it beat on interest factor alone

showmethegames3552d ago

MGS4 still looks way better than R5

NaiNaiNai3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

look at all the sony trolls. go back in your holes.

also i got negatives, i guess KZ2 looks like crap. oh well another POS game acording to the SDF, looks like KZ2 is a flop by there own standards. see double standards win for me.

Giriath3552d ago

How are they Sony trolls for stating what everyone who has seen GoW 3 (well, at least Jaffe) and Heavy Rain can confirm or at least not deny? I wouldn't say Metal Gear Solid 4 looks way better than RE5, but from what I've seen they look about similar.

You seem to despise that people are actually not too impressed with RE5, and to think that they are even discussing it?! *gasp* Like you just wrote: "if you don't like RE5 don't play it, stop insulting it, fanboys are always stuck in the past.", if you don't like that people are saying how they're not sure whether or not to buy RE5, you don't have to read it. Fanboys are always in the present, hating on people who don't share their opinion. ;)

NaiNaiNai3552d ago

sorry when its a direct reply to my comment, i have to read it. its funny how so many accounts always hit me. funny how there are so many trolls who disagree with me. funny how i think its all just 1 or 2 people who have nothing better to do then site at there computer with some tissue and lotion. like yourself.

dragunrising3552d ago

Perhaps we might see a better game before the current cycle is over, however it will be difficult for other devs to compete with the 60 million budget of Killzone 2.

Also, if your a fan of Resident Evil 4, you shouldn't have a "huge" problem with the controls. I'm thinking they will add the option to walk and shoot just because of the feedback from the demo. The demo has been out for over a month in Japan, it can only get better.

Giriath3551d ago

Killzone 2 does not have a budget of 60 million dollars. It has been reported as about 23 million, and I don't think that has exceeded 30 million. Google it yourself if you need to, I don't feel like doing it for you.

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