The Greatest Game on Every Platform

GamesRadar crowns the kings of 40 consoles, from Atari, NES and Genesis all the way through to 360, PS3 and Wii.

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Lombax3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

They're all wrong.

Good thing "Greatest" is just an opinion.

Tempist3550d ago

Albet a shared opinion.

Note: Only about 3-4 games on the Nintendo platforms are NOT made by Nintendo.

Product3549d ago

Whats with you and Nintendo? lol

I think this list was an actual good list.yea i wouldnt have had this exact list but it doesnt take away from this list practically being a list of the number 1-2 most popular games on each console.

Mini Mario3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

c64 - Jumpman
Atari - kung fu master
Nes - Mario 3
Snes - Super Mario World, (2nd was F zero)
Master system - Alex kid (2nd was wonderboy in monsterland)
Megadrive - Shinobi 3
Ps1 - Abes odyssey: abes exodus (exploding fart bombs!)
N64 - mario 64
ps2 - Budokai 3 (dbz)
Gamecube - Resident evil 4 (2nd was metroid prime)
DS - phantom hourglass
xbox - halo 2
ps3 - TBA
360 - TBA
wii - TBA

jtucker783549d ago

ZX Spectrum - Chaos

Oh and the original Dizzy was the best of the series. Tough and not very forgiving though. Manic Miner was overrated.

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Obama3550d ago

for me it's valkyria chronicles so far.

PirateThom3550d ago

Experiment - everyone post their favourite/greatest game on each platform they've owned.

EnglishPatriot3550d ago

These are my faves:

Sega Megadrive - Dynamite Headdy
PS2 - MGS3
PS3 - MGS4
PC - HL2

Cajun Chicken3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

PS3 - Uncharted/R&C: Future/Little Big Planet/Warhawk
360 - Crackdown/EDF2017/Dead Rising/Geometry Wars 2/The Maw
PSP - Daxter/R&C: Size Matters/GTA: Vice City Stories/Metal Slug Collection/Powerstone Collection/Sega MegaDrive collection
DC - Crazy Taxi/MDK2/Powerstone 2
XBOX - Crimson Skies/Halo1/Serious Sam/Armed and Dangerous
PS2 - Jak 2/GoW series/Ratchet 2/GTA: San Andreas
PC - Serious Sam First Encounter/Doom3/Halflife 1
PS1 - Crash Bandicoot 2/Crash Bandicoot 3/Metal Gear Solid/Medievil
MegaDrive - Sonic 2
N64 - Starfox 64/Super Mario 64
SNES - Super Mario Allstars plus World
Amiga - Cannon Fodder 1&2/Bubba and Stix/PP Hammer

Smacktard3550d ago

NES: Super Mario Bros 3
Gameboy Color: Pokemon Gold
SNES: Super Mario RPG
Genesis: Ristar
N64: Ocarina of Time
Playstation: Hercules or Mega Man X4 (only had the PS for a short, short time, and I played Hercules when I was young and liked it, but I'd probably think it was a terrible game if I played it today).
Xbox: (none)
Gamecube: Metroid Prime
Wii: Okami or Brawl
DS: Pokemon Diamond
PC: Morrowind or Half-Life 1

PirateThom3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

My list:

NES - DuckTales
SNES - Super Mario World
N64 - Goldeneye
GameCube - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
Wii - Super Mario Galaxy
GameBoy - Super Mario Land
GBA - Pokemon Saphire
DS - New Super Mario Bros.

Master System - Sonic the Hedgehog
Mega Drive - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (Lock it on, y0)
Dream Cast - Rez
Game Gear - Dyanamite Headdy

PlayStation - Metal Gear Solid
PlayStation 2 - Metal Gear Solid 3
PlayStation 3 - Metal Gear Solid 4
PSP - LocoRoco

XBox 360 - Mass Effect

@Smacktard - That Hercules game wasn't bad from what I remember, it's on the PS Store, but I can't bring myself to buy it.

TheColbertinator3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

NES - Metal Gear
Sega Master System - Sonic the Hedgehog
Sega Genesis - Phantasy Star II
Sega Saturn - Panzer Dragoon Zwei
N64 - Jet Force Gemini
PS1 - Spyro 2:Ripto's Rage
Sega Dreamcast - Skies of Arcadia
PS2 - Dark Cloud 2
Gamecube - Metal Gear Solid:Twin Snakes
Xbox - Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic
Wii - Metroid Prime 3
360 - Mass Effect
PS3 - Valkyria Chronicles

callahan093550d ago

I won't do it for EVERY platform, because that's just too many. But I'll do it for the major ones:

Master System: Phantasy Star
Genesis: Gunstar Heroes
Sega CD: Sonic CD
Saturn: Radiant Silvergun
Dreamcast: ShenMue
NES: Super Mario Bros.
SNES: Super Metroid
N64: Super Mario 64
GameCube: Cubivore
Wii: Mario Galaxy
Jaguar: Alien vs. Predator
3DO: Road Rash
PSone: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
PS2: Metal Gear Solid 2
PS3: Warhawk
Xbox: Halo 2
360: Halo 3

Coconutz9193550d ago

NES: Mega Man 4 (No, really! Not 2, not 3. I like 4!)
SNES: Super Mario Allstars / Mega Man X (Tie!)
PS1: Final Fantasy VII (Yeah, I'm one of "those")
PC: Age of Empires II (Gathering resources!)
GBA: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Vampires!)
GC: Resident Evil 4 (Biohazard!)
XBOX: Hmm...
PS2: MGS3 / Final Fantasy X / Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando (Tie!)
DS: Phoenix Wright Trilogy (Objection!)
PSP: Syphon Filter games (Gabe Logan!)
PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4 (Yep!)
360: Mass Effect (Dialouge trees!)
Wii: Hmm...

Yeah... this list doesn't do justice to my tastes though. I like a LOT of games!

SublimingMass3550d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

master system: double dragon, alex kidd(shinobi world, lost stars),
mega drive(genesis): lhx attack chopper, mortal kombat
snes: mario world, tales of phantasia (most rpg's)
Gamecube: Baton Kaitos, lost kingdoms
PS1: V-rally(original), final fantasy(duh what u think),
Rc chopper( i wonder who remembers this game not sure right title)
Crash bandicoot, AND ROLLCAGE Please make another!!
PS2: final fantasy(X=good, X-2 was MEH, XII i hate with a passion)
PS3: uncharted, R&C, POP, burnout, HS
xbox: DOA, colin mcrae, mortal kombat(not sure which game it was terrible game but the bonus puzzle game was so addicive with my brother AH the good old days!!! damn what was i thinking??)
xbox 360: some good games but MASS EFFECT really surprised me really good game and also LOST PLANET also good

edit: ahh forgot other great PS1 games (there is way to many) DRIVER the original is still the best one awesome game just got worse as it went on, also soul reaver, cool boarders, speed freaks, parapa the rapper(come u know u like it :) and on XBOX360 also PC JUST CAUSE 2nd game hopefully this year

Obama3549d ago

Steven I gotta give u bubbles for putting Valkyria chronicles on the list. I agree with you that it is the best game on the ps3 yet.

pippoppow3549d ago

NES-Legend of Zelda, Close 2nd: ultima Exodus
SNES-Out of this World, Close 2nd:Shadowrun
N64-Super Mario 64
Master System-Phantasy Star
Genesis-Phantasy Star 2, Close 2nd: flashback
PS1-FF7, Close 2nd: Resident Evil
PS2-FF10, Close 2nd: ICO
PS3-MGS4, Close 2nd: Valkyria Chronicles & Uncharted
PC-Myth the Fallen Lords Close 2nd: Alone in the Dark

- This list bought back some memories. Just have to state that the 90's, to me was the best decade of gaming, especially for the PC. With the advent of 3D gaming being spearheaded by 3DFX there really were alot of new ideas and a smorgasbord of genres during that time which made it amazing. So many other great PC games like X-Wing, Wing Commander 3, Ultima 7, Full throttle, Mechwarrior 3, X-com etc. Overall, what a decade. Wish they would revive and/or create new genres which is the main thing I find this gen lacks currently and needs.

INehalemEXI3549d ago

Bubbles to callahan09 because hes right Dreamcasts greatest was Shenmue.

callahan093549d ago

I find that somehow I've forgotten about portables & the TG16, so:

TG16: Devil's Crush
TG-CD (TurboDuo): Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
GameBoy: Tetris
GameBoy Color: Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel
GameBoy Advance: Metroid Fusion
DS: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
GameGear: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
PSP: Jeanne D'arc

rockleex3549d ago

One of the best games ever made. ^_^

I had never played it until it was released on the PSN Store. Its better than 95% of games out right now. >:D

The only bad thing about it was that it ended. :(

I just wish they could remake Symphony like SSF2THDR. Or make a new Castlvania that could stand up to Symphony... next gen style! >:D

callahan093549d ago

If you liked Symphony of the Night and never played the GBA and DS Castlevania games, I would HIGHLY recommend them. They're all great. My favorite one, though, is the second-to-newest one on DS, PORTRAIT OF RUIN. It's awesome in every way.

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NathanGra3550d ago

You can disagree with them (and me for that matter) all you want, but this list was very refreshing and very well thought out. The writer(s) did a great job in analyzing their picks. I love that Mario 64 and Goldeneye took the 64, but don't think that San Andreas should have for PS2. FFVII would have my pick for ps hands down. Very fun read.

MassErect23550d ago

That list was great. Super Mario Galaxy is the best game of all those "best games".

Jubo13550d ago

i thought super mario galaxy was a amzing just not the best of the best games. i thing mgs4 wasm just my opinion though. and wth with gta being ps2's top game and okami second? what about mgs3 shadow of the colossus and there are tons more

Marceles3550d ago

Mario Galaxy was good but overrated to me. Mario 64 was a more incredible game when it first came out than Mario Galaxy, even though the level design in Galaxy is epic. I also like the fact that you can't really shortcut your way through a level in Galaxy. I definitely wouldn't put Mario Galaxy over Link to the Past or FF7...there's absolutely no way.

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