European PS3 software pricing

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced today the pricing details for it's first party title launch line-up, to accompany the 23rd March 2007 launch of PlayStation 3.

Sony revealed that it's five launch titles, including Motorstorm, Resistance: Fall of Man and a few others will retail at a price of £39.99 (€59.99, AUD 99.95, NZ 109.95).

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Bathyj4254d ago

Thats awesome. In Australia games cost $100 even. They have been that price all the way back to the SNES and all the way up to PS2/XB/GC. When X360 came out it went up to $120 and alot of people were b*tching about it. I didn't. The games looked nice and it was the first time the price had gone up pretty much for 15 years so I dont mind, cos its worth it.

I've got to say, this is a nice suprise. Getting 20 bucks off a game is pretty good and since I was going to get 3 or 4 I'm probably more inclined to get 4 or 5 now. This lower price goes toward offsetting the costs of the console a bit and I still dont know why people only complain about the cost of the console when its the games that you're going to be spending most of your money on over the years. I've always thought you only have to buy the machine once (hopefully) and then its done. Pricey, sure, but no one gives a second thought to buy 2 grand worth of game in a year. Anyway, this is good news for gamers even if it is only Sony titles. It will be interesting to see if 3rd party devs or Microsoft for that matter come on board too.