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Dark_Vendetta5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

great doesn't work for me -.- ... wtf?
Anyone has problems too? Or just insane traffic at once?

Lucreto5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

They did give us a week to build hype so a lot of people will be trying to look at it.

I am loading it now.

edit: It keeps stopping for me as well. Wait for another site to stream it.

edit 2: I got it working.

Dark_Vendetta5114d ago

any download link for me?
the stream stops buffering after few seconds

BlindMonkey5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

looks pretty damn amazing, love how the combat actually looks like a fight. It's not attack, wait, attack. They were stringing combos together

Edit: just watched it 3 more times and i have to say the scenery is just amazing. I think 360 and PS3 gamers are all lucky to be getting this game

gaffyh5114d ago

Some of it is actually in game, shows the fighting system, also it includes voice acting and confirms 2009 for PS3 version of the game (in Japan)

coolfool5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

No? I know I am asking too much. The more we get the more we want!!

Fox015114d ago

Looks like a PS2 game.

Fox015114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

Seriouly though, the graphics, music and gameplay are just what you'd expect from a JRPG of this caliber : jawdropping! Lol a Helgan in FFXIII (well sort of)

locos855114d ago

Danm I didn't know the Helghast were in this game!?!?

sofresh2005114d ago

I'm going to import this damn Advent Children blu-ray.... hopefully the demo has English subtitles!

5114d ago
hay5114d ago

Watched it a second ago... Can't say I'm overwhelmed. Combat animations lack those "strong-punch oomph" effect, I hope they'll tweak them.
In overall I expected more and less at the same time.

Danja5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

ok just watched it , Can't say im impressed with what I saw the combat does look fluid , but wtf the graphics in-game aren't what I thought it would look like....

but still day one buy for me....

@La Chance - I dont see anyone claiming they are not gonna be buying this game in here , why you always gotta be turning everything into a flame war over console preference just be happy that ur console is gonna get a sh!tty port and be quiet.

La Chance5114d ago

looks like those who hate SE and not going to buy the game simply becuz its multiplat are a tiny majority of diehards. Cant wait for this , THE best franchize ever in my opinion.

YoMeViet5114d ago

oh la chance, coming in here with molotov c0cktails to start a firestorm...

5114d ago
Chris3995114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

Most of what I saw were people popping guns off amidst a cyber-punk city with robotic monsters everywhere.

And the battle-engine looks like pretty much every other FF. Oh, except there's "air combos" or something. How...original. (DMC, Bayonetta and Shadow Hearts say "hello")

And I agree with one of the above posters, the CGI was gorgeous - as usual with SquareE - but the in-combat graphics looked poor.

I'm sure the summons are lovely.

I dunno, this game feels like has a tremendous amount going on, but not an ounce of personality. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and without knowing anything of the plot, suggest that there will be guns, and rebels, and rebels with guns, fighting against an evil empire perhaps? Oh, and lots of CGI, 'cause that's what this series is really about.

Wasn't terribly impressed, sorry.

This series is in serious need of an image makeover, sorta like what they did with Bond.

For me, there's so much hype and ego associated with this game ("visions" that are revealed particularly irk me - just call it a TRAILER) that it's just not exciting anymore.

Mozilla895114d ago

But I wasn't blown away graphically by it but the gameplay looks interesting. I haven't bought a final fantasy game yet but maybe this will be the first. Its a long time away anyways so we'll see.

chaosatom5114d ago (Edited 5114d ago )

it does look pretty fast paced which is good.

Although I can't tell if some it were CGI or just In game cutscenes for battles.

It's doesn't have CGI in-game graphics, but that's to be expected i guess.

StayHigh5114d ago

i was expecting more from a FF game..The CGI was good but i wasn't shock at all..The in gameplay does not look nice at all..PS3 fan suffer again due to this game being multiplatform..

Bonsai12145114d ago

so, who wants to commission someone in japan to make an english subtitle patch...

Marceles5114d ago

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 RPG? lol...alot of pop up moves in the gameplay :). The game looks great though, I can't wait to try out the demo

Re-versed5114d ago

If it was still exclusive to ps3,i dont think you were about to state your last sentence!!Best franchise ever huh??

Pika-pie5113d ago

Im really looking forward to FFXIII but that trailer didnt impress me in the slightest.

Firstly, Why the hell does it look so much like FFX, did I see Wakka in there??!?! WTF

pain777pas5113d ago

Ok......officially hyped. Looking great to me and real time combat. Finally!!!!!!!!!!

gambare5113d ago

bring back the FF series to its roots, make again that Medieval Gothic game style that defined the series, it's simply sad to see how they make the series some kind of "fast food" emblem

Taker_1295113d ago

I think you guys are being alittle to hard on the game. I thought it looked amazing and I cant wait to play both this and FFv13 on my ps3.

gambare5113d ago

I admit it's going to be an awesome game but its not FF anymore, just like resident evil is not a survival horror anymore the final fantasy brand is slowly becoming another kind of franchise

likedamaster5113d ago

Oh no no no, a Final Fantasy game on the ps2 never looked that good!

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Cocozero5114d ago

WOW!! In-Game, Voice Acting AND in HD about time SE

TapiocaMilkTea5114d ago

WOW, lots of actions, very interesting. It looks like turn based RPG menu system but very fast paced and looks more like action RPG.

sofresh2005114d ago

The action really is like Advent Children! Please bring on the versusXIII gameplay!!!

Venomish5114d ago

WOW, just WOW
I really had no intentions at all in getting xii, but after this trailer, wow. I might actually get it, and maybe even in Japanese

YoMeViet5114d ago

i hope they have english subtitles and japanese voice for the US version

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theEnemy5114d ago

working fine here man.

Game looks good.

Does the combat style like Crisis Core?

Omega45114d ago

OMG the whole thing is in-game, best graphics i've seen in ages o.0

New characters and the battle system look wicked


coolfool5114d ago

Some in-game some FMV. In game battling though, and that does look good!!

monks5114d ago

are you sure it looked to me like just a section before the end was in game the battles the rest was cgi to me

i could be wrong

but my opinion on that
game looks great
cgi great as always
in game was hoping for abit better

( still very early will find out at end of the year and it still might even improve even more while they do localisation work)

Omega45114d ago

Im pretty sure everything was in-game except maybe the part after the battling, because when screens were released before (from the trailer) they said that they were in game

5114d ago
TapiocaMilkTea5114d ago

SUMMONS! Can't wait to see how it gets used in battle!

StayHigh5114d ago

Why can't they just take advantage of the PS3 version? They can always downgraded to the 360 version its already coming out in multiple disks anyways..

ASTAROTH5113d ago

everybody will be saying it was all CG graphics crap. Now that its also coming to the 360 its in game and are the best graphics in ages. The IRONY!! you fanboys make me laugh!! BTW The few in game parts doesnt looked that good. I even think that Star Ocean Last Hope look almost as good. Just my opinion...anyway if I want to play an RPG I will buy WKC!!

LastDance5113d ago

The part where it looks like matrix 4 with elton john as the costume designer is cgi. the part where you cant see the screen because it's covered up in numbers is in-game.

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Raoh5114d ago

looks damn good.

go to hell square enix..

but ffxiii does look good.

Israfel5114d ago

The game looks alright, but go to hell SE